Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report



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<> <font color="#FFD700"> State of the Order</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> I figured I'd drop the report out a little early this time. I have my wildland firefighter class all day tomorrow, so I won't be home and around until later afternoon, or early evening. In any event, though, there are some things happening, especially on my end. First, as I mentioned before, I want to redo the Sith ranks a bit. No, this does not mean another round of voting on ranks, and no, not all of them are being changed, either. There will be a different setup, though, with each rank having a specific meaning to the whole, and with a new "face" for the Order to hold ourselves to. There's going to be additional little things going on along with that, and I think you'll all enjoy them.

Second, I'm going to be redoing the Sith CORE exam. I'm not happy with the current one at all, to be honest. As I've been reworking the Sith history, and trying to implement some new things, I realized it would necessitate adaptations to the way Sith are raised up from the Shadow Academy. There's going to be a Sith CORE, which can be described as "things all Sith need to know," and an Advanced CORE, which could be referred to as "things all Sith may want to know." The CORE test will be more pivotal, and useful to the Order members, with the Advanced CORE being more optional, but providing some additional info that might be interesting, or could be utilized in fiction, and other character issues. Also, the Order exams are not going to be centered around piloting, and other stuff like that, though those tests will likely still be used, even if they're only moved to the General area.

Anyone feel up for an Allegiance, or a Battlefront Tournament? I've talked with Jac and Mav, and they've given a nod to me running either an Allegiance, or Battlefront Tournament, with a yet-to-be-determined Capital Ship as the prize for the winners. It's likely going to range from anywhere in-between a Vibre-class ship, to a Nebulon-B. Either way, it's nothing too shabby. More details on it as the time comes closer (which will provide for a break from the RoS, and it's not going to be an in-depth Tournament, really). In any case, I wanted to give a lot of advanced notice, so Clans can prepare. I'd like to see teams ready from every Clan. And remember, I haven't decided which platform to use; maybe I'll use both, and have a ship for the winner of each Tournament, with the possibility of a bigger ship if the same Clan wins both. You'll have a better heads-up on this as it comes closer to it. But still, get ready for it.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> The Sith Order recognizes...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Today, I'm recognizing Lannie, and everyone who've been working on accomplishing the Rite of Supremacy. They've been working their butts off for everyone, and they deserve some credit, and some commendation from all of us. They've done a good job, and as for myself, I'm proud of them.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Sith Site/Battle Compendium</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Still up in the air for now.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Sith in Fiction</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> If you haven't heard about my Sith Lords comp by now, you either don't read my reports, or you skip over some of it. So, as it comes closer to the deadline, I'm going to advertise it more, and even make news posts specifically about the comp by itself, to get some word spread about it. The comp is called "The Sith Lords Reborn." Your job, should you choose to committ to it, is to create and fictionalize one of the Sith Lords before Marka Ragnos. Specifically, I'm looking for the Dark Lords of the Sith prior to Markka Ragnos, but back then, they had a Council of Sith Lords, ruled by the Dark Lord. Each Sith Lord was the ruler of a world, the master of vast armies, and beings of great power. Marka Ragnos was the ninth Dark Lord; who were the eight before him? Who were the Sith Lords that stood as the vassals to those Dark Lords? Detail your own Sith Lords, and Dark Lords, in fiction. Describe their personalities, their appearance, everything about them; include pictures if you wish. The comp runs until the end of this month, with the top three entries gaining 2nd-level Crescents. In addition, the First Place entry will gain 50 Tournament points to their score, and the most active Clan (the Clan with the most members having submitted) earns 100 points to its own total. Not bad, right?

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Competitions</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> As always, the regular gaming events are Tuesdays and Thursdays in #gmrg, Saturdays in #outerrim for the ICTE, and bi-weekly Sunday Tournaments in #gmrg if you've qualified, by playing in at least one of those nights in the two weeks stretch between Tournaments. There's no Tournament this Sunday, so make sure to get out to the Gaming Events, and get qualified for when the Tournament comes up again!

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Miscellaneous</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Just a not again, because of class all day tomorrow, I won't be around for the majority of the day. ICTE is tomorrow, so have fun with that. Make sure to keep informed on what's going on. Clan leaders, you can do the Dark Council a real big favor by making sure to keep your Clans fully informed, and keeping us informed about the things going on that we may not see. Let's stay in touch, and let's work together as much as possible.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Conclusion</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Changes coming, hopefully ones you'll all like. Personally, I think they'll be more interesting, and bring more imagination to the Order. Everything from the ranks, to the Shadow Academy stuff, and everything in-between is under scrutiny. I want to make sure it all emphasizes the ideals, and tenets of the Order, not simply information from the Order of years past. Much like the Brotherhood as a whole, the Sith order is constantly evolving, or it is dying, and I prefer to be evolving. Keep your heads up, and keep involved in thigns, so you can be a part of the changes, and have your own voices be heard. As always, take advantage of my quick email time, and get a hold of me if you need anything. [Log in to view e-mail addresses] is my email, and I usually try to keep a turn-around time of 12-24 hours.

Have fun at the ICTE, and have a good week!

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<font color="#EE0000"> Dark Jedi Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae</font> <font color="#FFFAFA">

The Ghost Dragon, Gui Long

High Warrior of the Sith </font>

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