Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

Dark Greetings all,

There's been a lot of activity this week getting ready for Guard activity to kick off. As all of you can see we have quite a few people on the Royal Guard roster right now. A few of the DC members already have their max of 4 Guardsmen, while some are still seeking ways to get their first. Over the next couple of weeks I hope that we can round out the roster and begin to see who is worthy of staying a member and who might need to be removed. My hope is that all of those already on the roster will stay and be productive members of the Guard.

I've been working with my Praetor, Arania, and some other members of the Brotherhood on some of the next steps that the Guard will be taking. We've got a lot of plans in the works and are waiting for some of the pieces to fall into place and for the right time to reveal some of the others. Right now I want to let you all in on some of the projects that we are working on.


·Individual sections for all Guard cells to be updated by each DC member with their ranks and any other fiction that they wish to include

·Royal Guard fiction

·Royal Guard training facilities

·CoG office

·Info page updated with DSC write-up

·Begin including fiction in the “Stories Archive”

Monthly Newsletter

·Create design for newsletter to be published on the RG website

·Decide on recurring sections for newsletter and guest writings

·Recruit writers

Points/Ranking System

·Finish creating system of points for various activities that Guard members participate in

·Create titles for Guard cells based on rankings within the Guard

·Publish points system


·Create Vendetta-style rules for Guard cell vs. cell competitions

·Begin outline for large Guard competition

As progress continues along these lines I will continue to update you all. Weekly updates will come via my reports, but I would advise you to check for updates that will come when they happen. Expect the website to have a lot of updates this weekend when I can work with OHC Korras on the site.

I know that a lot of you are wondering when the Guard will begin its own activity. One of the key tenets of the Guard is to make sure that our members remember that they are members of their house and clan before they are members of the Guard. To that end I am going to aim at keeping official Guard comps to a minimum at this time until things are all settled. However, I will be releasing an initial points/ranking system for the Guard this weekend in order that everyone can see how the different cells compare with one another. Look for more info on that on Saturday most likely.

Things are beginning to work for the Guard and I thank all who have shown interest and work for the well-being of this effort. Continue to compete in the Gaming NIghts, ICTE, ACC and other regular comps and training. Thank you all.


Jedi Hunter Jasru Lakca

Commander of the Guard

Member, House Marka Ragnos

Sergeant, Battleteam Night Raptors

SC / DC / Cr-3S / CF-BlF-RF-GF [ACC: SKR]

cool jasru

It's looking good, Jasru.

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