Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

*Quaestor Report #2 *


Thought I should send out a report seeing a rise in activity recently in the house. I have emailed most of you asking what gaming platforms you use and I hope if you are using any Star wars PC platforms you will play them in the DB competitions and kicking some butt.

There are competitions for you to win shiny medals on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and the Sunday Tournament. (Anymore information needed, just ask)

I am also going to be giving out medals to anyone who shows the top activity in the competitions and also the fiction and poetry Competitions, so I hope you all will get down and show me that Dorimad Sol are #1 :o).

I would also like to announce that two battle teams have been opened. Banshee Brigade, An old brigade from the house has opened up for the obelisks and Nightmare Squadron, which is an old Caliburnus squadron for all the sithies.

I have announced Exar Khaland as Sergeant of Banshee and hope he will show you the Obelisk how to fight and have a good time. (Do not get too drunk)

I would also like to announce Horus Blackheart Aquillarum as Commander of Nightmare. I hope he will show you all, what being a sith is all about. I wish all the best to both battle team leaders on their positions and hope that you will show me, your worth to you Quaestor.

Also, Welcome to everyone to the house who has joined recently

*Medals Awarded: *

Cluster of Fire x1 à Horus

Dark Cross à Dakari

Congrats, on both.

*Promotions: *

Congrats to Imrahil on Novice.

That shall do for this week I think, lets seem some more shinnies for next week. Hopefully the Battle team leaders will have some competitions for you to do :o)


**SWL Vally Aquillarum Tamalar

Quaestor of House Dorimad Sol**

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