Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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**House Byss Report

**27th February 2005

To the shadows we listen

Welcome to this week's report.

We ended up placing second-last in the Rite of Supremacy. A better turn-out would have helped, but everyone here is still fairly new to the club, so big competitions like that are a bit overwhelming to say the least. Pity my internet went down, I had an excellent story curve for my original character D'hak and now I can't 'officially' finish it :(

I will be taking a leave of absence this week. I will still be around on email, and still try to be around in general, but I have the first round of the National All Styles martial arts tournaments this weekend. I'm expecting some rough nights at karate all week, and the NAS days are never easy. Fun :)

And this is my final day as the Invoked Lord of Exar Kun. I have tried to maintain the standards that go with the title, and if another is to receive it, I hope he or she will try even harder. Dedication to one's Clan is the greatest strength we have in these times.

The War Room

Due to a small problem with the Crescent system, one of my competitions was mistakenly deleted. I should have renamed it the second time I requested it :In any event, I currently have two House-wide comps going.

Filling In

Many Clans like to show off the works of their members, but few do. A vital part of this process is having submissions to display – thus, you are tasked with the following: write a short story about what happened to you today (1-3 pages), write a line poem spelling the word cheese, write a haiku of at least 2 verses about “time”, and another story (of at least one page) involving a llama, a duck, and a star destroyer.

Expression and flow for the poems, creativity for the llama duck star destroyer, and interest for the today story.

Space Pirate Investigation

Space pirate activity has risen sharply over the past month, and the House of Spies has been asked to investigate.

You are to write a story of at least 2 pages, detailing your investigation into an illegal activity of your choice - a kidnapping, an illegal sale/deal, mining operations, whatever you fancy.

Send your submissions to myself and my Aedile [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and make sure you say what competition they are for. .doc is greatly preferred.

Antei Combat Centre

I would still like everyone ranked Novice or higher to sign up for the ACC. To do this, log in to the Brotherhood web site and create a character sheet (I don't remember if the option is named differently the first time round, but it should be under the heading Antei Combat Centre Options; probably Subscribe or Manage). The ACC is becoming an increasingly large part of the modern Brotherhood, and even if it doesn't figure in to upcoming competitions I run, it will figure in nearly every club-wide event. Plus, fun. Fun is shiny. If you have any problems, let me know.

I'll delete that paragraph next week, so make sure you have your sheet organised by then!

Resistance is irrelevant. Victory is inevitable.

Epis Laethan Ciarus

Quaestor of Byss

Invoked Lord of Exar Kun

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