Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Dreaded Yu Report

By Dark Jedi Knight Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir


Lord of Yu: Dark Jedi Knight Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

Second Hand: Jedi Hunter Nit`Chu Tetsuo

Dark Jedi Knight Merlance

Dark Jedi Knight Blazer Mortis

Jedi Hunter Vardar

Protector Yemmer

Acolyte Tavin Longspear

General Information:

  1. Welcome: Yemmer, and Blazer Mortis for the acceptance into Yu.

  2. Gaming Days: Its looking pretty slow for gaming days(Tuesday, and Thursday), but ICTE is going superbly, and Sundays Bi-Weekly Tournaments are turning out better each time they are held, we are in 2nd place with 721 points to Taldyran’s 918. (Yu’s points: Ma’ar 123, Nit`Chu 18, Tavin 2, Merlance 79, Vardar 25.)

  3. Clan Trivia: Out and is due by March 13th at midnight Cst

Comps: Tridens: Acropolis - Dawn of Silence (writing comp., and Acropolis-Mists of Yridia (gaming comp., Clan: Nothing, DJB: Monthly Topics.

  1. Achievement Spotlight: Each month I’m planning on spotlighting a member or members for there high activity. So without further ado…For February: Jedi Hunter Vardar. His activity has recently grown and seems to get better with each week; he’s on IRC a lot and has been very active playing games on the gaming nights, and ICTE as with Sunday’s Tourney’s. He’s entered competitions including, Yu writing, KROS, and Clan Trivia. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  2. Clan Trivia: Congrats to Vardar for 1st place and Pyralis for 2nd place

  3. Yu comp: Coming very soon….

  4. Thanks: A big thanks to all members of Yu for there constant activity!!! Keep up the good work everyone.

  5. Activity: Looked very good… I’m very proud of the team! 85.7% up from last week by 5.7% with 6 out of 7 involved

Medals and Promotions:


-Dark Cross: for activity…well go ask Pyralis on that one…

-Cluster of Fire: 24 total

-DSS: for Dark Voice Submission

-Crescents: 2 Emerald star’s for 2nd place in Yu writing comp (With the evil CON and PCON performing nasty tests on Cyrus, 8 Pages of hair-raising action!–Pyralis) and 3rd place for ICTE.

-LSS: For creating 2/14/05 Clan Trivia

-Matches: 20 for ICTE on 2/19/05, 12 for Sunday Tourney 2/20/05, 3 on Thursday 2/24/05, and 3 for ICTE on 2/26/05


-Cluster of Fire: 7 total

-Crescent: Topaz star for 3rd place in Yu writing comp (Awesome violence, decapitations, Sith Holocrons, Cyrus’s head wrapped in a robe? Damn... 3pages of raw violence!–Pyralis)

-Matches: 6 for ICTE on 2/19/05, 4 for Sunday Tourney 2/20/05, and 9 for ICTE on 2/26/05


-Cluster of Fire: 3 from 1/22/05, activity reports


-Crescent: Amethyst star for 1st place at ICTE on 2/12/05


-Promotion to Jedi Hunter

-Cluster of Fire: 8 total

-LSS: 1st place in Clan Trivia on 2/14/05

-Crescent: Sapphire star for 1st place in Yu writing comp (Cyrus imprisoned, random killing of nameless, numbered Stormtroopers! Haha 5 pages of spine tingling search and rescue! –Pyralis)

-Matches: 4 for ICTE on 2/19/05, 4 for Sunday Tourney on 2/20/05, 2 on Tuesday 2/22/05, and 1 for ICTE on 2/26/05

Tavin: NONE


-Promotion to Protector

-Cluster of Fire: 6 total

-Matches: 7 on Tuesday gaming day 2/15/05, 3 for ICTE on 2/19/05

Final Thoughts:

This week I choose not to go on and on, I’ve been hard on each of you at times, but in the long run you guys and gals have stepped up to the plate and made Tridens look really good…..I’d also like to say Congrats again to Yemmer and Vardar for the promotions. Hopefully Mortis will be back soon. Merlance is busy with his activity reports and it looks outstanding for each member, I’ve got to see first hand all of your activity from way back……KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

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