Consul Report


Consul Report

Taldryan Consul Report 2-27-05Report # 94

Alright well its time for another lovely Consul report from yours truly. This report has quite a bit of awesome information in it, along with trivia and other awesomeness…so read it all! With that…we’ll start. Also there is some important info in the DB news section if you are a DJK or under!

Clan Taldryan News

-Well I finally got it done, the State of the Clan Address was sent out to all of you this week! I’m sure you all read it and loved it, but in case you didn’t it has been added to the Taldryan website. You can find it in the Consuls Office section, under ‘State of the Clan’ along with last years address. Can see it here:

-As I announced in my address, Taldryan won the Krath RoS! Great job everyone! Here were the final scores:

Taldryan – 466.41

CNS – 373.37

CSP – 154.9

CSK – 126.42

Arcona – 104.95

CEK – 95.19

Tarentum – 90.5

Just to give you guys an idea, we had 5 times as many points as Tarentum and 4 times as many as Arcona, who came in 2nd and 3rd behind us in the GJW! And other than Clan Naga Sadow who had a good showing, we absolutely trounced the rest of the DB! The KHP is working on awards right now, so they should be out soon, once again way to go everyone!

-Taldryan absolutely dominated the Sunday Tournament this week. Shadow took 1st, Duga got 2nd, and DS took 3rd. If the rankings kept going I’d guess Taldryan actually had the first 6 or 7 places. We got 198 points just from this one day, that’s how much we pwned everyone, great job!

-I also mentioned several new things in my Address, including Clan awards and some new positions. Well the details have finally been finalized and added to the Taldryan site, so you can see them here (Awards and Conclave links are in the ‘Knowledge’ section, Consuls Fist is in the ‘Consuls Office’ section):

Awards -

Conclave -

Consuls Fist -

I have a couple people in mind for some clan awards already, so I’ll probably announce those this upcoming week.

-If you participated in the Crossword puzzle for chapter 1 of the Krath RoS, respond to the email I sent out on the mailing list so the KHP can award you.

-In case you didn’t see it last week, here is the brand new Ektrosis site:

-And you can now see all of the old Taldryan Times by going to the Taldryan website. Look in the links section and you’ll find a page that lets you access all of them. And once more here is the last issue:

-There is report trivia this week, so scroll down to find that. REMEMBER TO SEND ANSWERS TO [Log in to view e-mail addresses] ONLY! DO NOT SEND TO THE MAILING LIST OR EVERYONE GETS THE ANSWERS!!

-Remember to check the ‘Competitions’ section of the Taldryan website for things to keep you active (

DB News

-IMPORTANT: If you are the rank of DJK or under, go to the DB website and login with your PIN and password right now. The DC is running a “Super AWOL”, basically everyone DJK and under gets their dossier marked ‘inactive’. Once you login then it is automatically marked ‘active’ and that’s it. All the people who don’t login by a certain date have their dossiers deleted. So go log in now!!!

-The ACC is about to have its second Champion ladder, if you want to signup you can do so until March 2nd

-The SA is looking for instructors for the ICQ and Meditation exams, apply to the HM.

-The deadline for submissions to the next Dark Voice is March 9th. Remember if you submit quality graphics/fiction/screenshots/etc that are put in the DV you will be given a DSS!

-The Clan and Order force power systems that will be used with Rebirth have gone through some changes. So if you want to figure out what level of Clan powers you will have, you can see the descriptions here:

-The Dark Council members are now choosing their Royal Guards. If you want to become an RG, just be active and try to get noticed by a DC member.

-The Dark Voice was released a few weeks back (newsletter, again I will mention how it is not as cool as the Tal Times) was released, you can see it here:

-The KMTs (monthly fiction topics) for February are “Coruscant walkways” and “It's a hard life being a....” See the KHP’s report for more details.

-Be sure to visit for all the news.

Medals, Promotions, and Transfers


Shadow – Amethyst Crescent, Clusters of Fire

Duga – Amethyst Crescent, Scroll of Indoctrination

Chaosrain – Clusters of Fire, Sapphire Crescent, Legion of the Scholar

Benevolent – Clusters of Fire, Legion of the Scholar

Kir – Scroll of Indoctrination, Clusters of Fire, Legion of the Scholar

Michael – Clusters of Fire

Fire Knight – Clusters of Fire

Kraval – Clusters of Fire

Nexusmage – Clusters of Fire

Dark Sabre – Clusters of Fire, Dark Cross, Legion of the Scholar

Locust – Topaz Crescent

Trazar – Emerald Crescent

Sithspawn – Sapphire Crescent


GRD Tiberius to JH

APP Tardek to NOV


SWM Kaden Odus Xyler to Dinaari

APP Jodie-Wan Kenobi to Dinaari

NOV Torrin Bane to Dinaari

APP Trron Loran to Dinaari


Ok we’re back to email trivia this week. Read the following questions and email you answers to [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. SEND YOUR ANSWERS ONLY TO KIR, IF YOU SEND THEM TO THE ENTIRE MAILING LIST THE TRIVIA WILL BE VOID BECAUSE YOU GAVE OUT THE ANSWERS AND EVERYONE WILL HATE YOU!

  1. What is Clan Taldryan’s primary planet?

  2. What is the Dinaari symbol?

  3. What level (In the HQ) are the Consul’s quarters on?

  4. Who can enter the 5th sublevel of the Taldryan base

  5. What is Clan Taldryan’s Flagship?

  6. In what area are Clan Taldryan’s clan powers focused?

  7. Ektrosis were originally formed to be?

  8. Before they were Dark Jedi what were Archanis?

  9. How many Dark Jedi Died to introduce Archanis into the brotherhood?

  10. What did the Dark Fire Brigade Kill for?

  11. On which Planet did the Dark Fire Brigade first become receptive to the dark side?

  12. Before they became Dark Jedi, What were the members of House Dinaari?

  13. The leader of the Dark Fire Brigade was?

  14. Who was the First CON of Taldryan?

  15. When did Kir Taldrya Katarn begin his role as the Consul of house Taldryan?

  16. When did Clan Taldryan obtain the Leviathan?

  17. Who did Clan Taldryan take the Orthanc from?

  18. What do Cohors Praetoria Taldryae get to where on their sleeve?

  19. How many sons of Taldryan are their?

  20. Who was voted best Leader in the second “Tally’s”


READ THIS if you don’t have IRC!!!

This new section of my report is dedicated to providing information about IRC (internet relay chat). If I had to name one thing that makes a successful Taldryan member, I would say IRC useage. It is required for all of the Clan’s leaders, and all of our most active members can be found there. I have found out that many members read my reports, and some of them don’t use IRC, and I am hoping I can change this.

Here are some quick things about IRC:

-It is a free download (it says you have to ‘register’ it within 30 days, but you never have to)

-It’s VERY simple to use

-All the most active people are on it

-There are almost always people around

-Some competitions are only available on IRC

-You get to know people much better

-You get more of the Taldryan ‘team feeling’ if you are on it

-Being active on IRC can be a reason to get medals/promotions

-Our clan channels get a little crazy sometimes, and its fun!

-You can message individuals like AIM, and talk in chatrooms (multiple rooms at the same time)

How can I get IRC? For Windows users the most popular IRC program is mIRC, which you install on your computer and use just as you would an instant messenger. mIRC is only a free trial, but you may use it as long as you want without penalty (other than a few annoying messages telling you to register). You can find mIRC here:

If you can't install stuff on your computer or you're constantly switching computers in a lab, you can also use the DB IRC, which is a java applet (to be used through your browser) allowing you to talk in only one channel or room at a time. DB IRC can be found here:

IRC is very popular and therefore has many servers and channels. This makes it hard to find what you want unless you know what you're doing. Therefore make sure to use the following settings when starting up IRC:

Network: Undernet

Brotherhood Channel: #db

Clan Channel: #taldryan

Have IRC but confused on how to get things going? Well you are in luck, the Shadow Academy has several IRC courses, and the first one is very helpful and for new users. Just go to the SA ( and then click on ‘General Studies’, and then the ‘IRC Basics’ course. It will guide you through how to use IRC. If you’re still having trouble or don’t like how the SA course is laid out, you can read the IRC guide written by QUA Shadow ( It has images of the menus and everything, and is very helpful!

I hope to see a lot of you on IRC!


-If you ever need to see an old Consul report, all of mine are up on!

That’s all for this week, as always if you have any questions/comments/just want to talk, feel free to email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or just go onto IRC as I’m logged on quite often as Kir! Or talk to me on AIM, my screen-name is “ConsulKir”!

Multiplayer Competitions-

Tuesday 1v1 Night

Multiplayer gaming night that will be held all day Tuesday in #gmrg. All DB-supported platforms will be used. Tuesdays are "solo" nights; meaning only 1 vs. 1 games will be played. Signup bots will not be used; you have to find matches by chatting in #gmrg or messaging people on IRC. Clusters of Fire will be awarded as usual, 1 for each win or three losses.

Thursday Team Night

Multiplayer gaming night that will be all day Thursday in #gmrg. All DB-supported platforms will be used. Thursdays are "team" nights, meaning matches can only be played with at least teams of 2 vs. 2. Signup bots will not be used; you have to find matches by chatting in #gmrg or messaging people on IRC. Clusters of Fire will be awarded as usual, 1 for each win or three losses.

Interclub Training Event

Multiplayer gaming night that will be held every Saturday evening in #outerrim. All DB-supported platforms will be used. Players come from DB and allied online gaming groups. Signup bots will be used, so use the !signup command on IRC to get matches in #outerrim. Clusters of Fire will be awarded as usual, 1 for each win or three losses.

Biweekly Sunday Tournament

Those people who participate in at least one match in the above listed weekly multiplayer competitions will be invited to play every other week in a Tournament on Sunday. There isn’t any specific structure, you just play as many matches as you would like and the person with the most wins during the day wins the Tournament. Everyone gets points for wins that they can use to buy personal possessions, and the total of all the points Taldryan members earn the Clan also earns as a whole to buy cool Clan stuff!

_Important Links – _

Dark Brotherhood –

Clan Taldryan -

Taldryan Codex -

Antei Combat Center –

Message Boards -

Shadow Academy -

Dark Side Compendium -

Competitions Page -

Summit Members –

CON Kir Taldrya Katarn ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])


Dinaari QUA Shadow Taldrya ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Dinaari AED Benevolent Whiner ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Ektrosis QUA Dark Sabre ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Ektrosis AED Nexusmage ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Clan Mailing lists -

Clan Taldryan ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

House Dinaari ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

House Ektrosis ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

These email addresses send messages to everyone in the Clan or House they are addressed to.

Clan Taldryan Jedi Outcast Server

IP Address:

Password: Talpwnz

Cohors Praetoria Taldryan – Tiberius and Kraval

In Darkness,

Consul Kir Taldrya Katarn

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