Aedile Report


Aedile Report

The complex of House Byss was deathly silent as the Aedile passed through the corridors to his meager office. Lacking sufficient telekinesis skills Braecen walked to the portable heater he had recently purchased and flipped the switch to ‘on’. Nodding with delight as the little box began to distribute heat across the room. It was a silly act; he could have simply used the force to push the cold from his body and the outlying atmosphere. Long ago his Master had challenged him to use the force not as a tool, but as a living thing. Settling into his oversized chair the young Guardian began to compose his weekly report.

Dark Greetings,

Hello, hello fellow Byssites!!! I have officially made it to my second week of Aedile life without getting canned! More importantly there has been some awesome IRC participation this week! A few scholars also decimated the Shadow Academy! AND we recently had some promotions within House Byss... yea, GO US! So lets get started...

I would like to commend anyone, everyone who has completed Shadow Academy Courses... each one you complete will only help you down the road for promotions and positions within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood; so keep up the hard work! This week’s first commendation goes out to Brijha for completing the Conflict Mediation Course; YAY! Next up is for the week’s biggest Shadow Academy Course slayer: Aerick Thane! WOOT! Completing the following courses: Leadership Studies, Conflict Mediation, and IRC Operations Studies... SCORE! Way to be Aerick! For those of you who haven’t quite figured out the SA (Shadow Academy) the link is:

Check out the career guide to gain quick, early promotions!!!

Next I would like to call out a single individual for his accomplishments recently: Lucien Do’Itek! Lucien has shown an uncommon initiative ever since he joined our Clan and our House...That he has always stepped forward, taking the lead to help others and the summit. As I once called him, “A child in desperate need of Ritalin.” I say that because he is always overly excited in working on the competitions for the house, clan and brotherhood wide. I suggest each member silently watches this young Guardian, he will be the first of many apprentices under Laethan to become active members! Again, CONGRATS on Guardian Lucien... you have earned it!

For everyone else, please continue to work diligently... we are watching your progress; as long as you maintain a superior work ethic, combined with a fun attitude (this is only a on-line club!) you will go very far in this house as it is being rebuilt from the ground up!

Uh... yea, as for my personal life: I won’t have one this week! With Laethan on a temporary leave of absence, I will be our acting QUA. Which means that if you have any questions pertaining to Competitions, The Path of Kun, or any Conflict Mediations all you need to do is drop me a line on IRC: Braecen OR contact me via e-mail: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

My final words for the day: We have two competitions running, please get active and make sure your buddies are entering pieces of fiction as well... the more entries we have, the better the shiny things (our slang for “awards”) will be!!! HURRAY FOR SHINY!

Dark Tidings,

     GRD Braecen Isradia (Krath)/AED/Byss of Exar Kun  

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