Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Dinaari Aedile Report

Do you like CTF? DO you like to grab the enemy flag before running away at full speed with defenders pulling and shooting at you? If so, come visit us on IRC. We seem to have a pickup game every week, and the more people there are the more insane these games get. If you don't have JO, you could also show up for Allegiance matches on Saturdays. Yesterdays match had 6 people total, and room for lots more. There was some additions and housecleaning to both the main Tal site and and the Dinaari site, so go check those out if you haven't already.


Competition Site:

SHAFT - Send your MP wins to Shad for shinys

Cooking thingy - Check your emails...complete the recipe.

(Weekly Multiplayer Things)

1v1 Night - Tuesdays in #GMRG

Team (2v2 or more) Night - Thursday in #GMRG

"The ICTE" - Saturday in #outerrim

Bi-Weekly MP Tournament - Every second Sunday in #GMRG


Jodie-Wan Kenobi joined

Torrin Bane joined

Kaden Odus Xyler joined

Awards, etc.

Tardek - Promo to NOV

Michael Arkarso - 1 CF

Kraval Novir - 4 CFs

Fire-Knight - Cr-S, 2 CFs

Duga Arkarso - 3 Cr-A, 21 CFs, SI


Hmm...I have some time this week. I just might fire up Paint again...

OP Benevolent Taldrya Whiner (Obelisk)/AED/Dinaari of Taldryan

GC / (SC-SoP) / (StA-WG) / DC-KC-O / (SNB) / (BN) / Cr-2R-5A-9S-6E-2T-1Q / CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF / LSS / SI-SoW / SoL / S:-23M

{SA: U:TL - U:TSC - G:LS - G:IRC - IRC2 - G:PHP1 - O:CORE}

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