Consul Report


Consul Report

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27th February 2005 </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%" height="19"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%" height="19"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%" height="19"> This week's report is here!

  A new Clan Competition started this week. 
  Titled &quot;Hunt for the Betrayer&quot; it's a Multi-player competition. You can 
  use games such as JK, JO, JA, XvT or XWA. And you can also use the ACC. 
  All orders can participate in this competition. Krath can play games and 
  Obelisk and Sith can use the ACC. There are NO game restrictions on each 
  order. Details on the competition can be found down the report.

House Aleema and House Kirleta got their new Aediles. Congratulations to AED Pug of Kirleta and AED Nilani Bakash of Aleema. Both were selected by the QUAs and both have the abilities to follow in their QUAs footsteps. Congratulations once again for Pug and Nilani on being appointed to those positions.

The Clan website has been a bit faulty for a couple of weeks now. The Advancement Guide and other links work fine. Currently it's just the news page. Any new news postings won't display and you cannot search for previous news posts. This is being examined by the website owner. Both I and Enahropes are pushing hard to get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

There were 5 promotions this week. It's good to see members getting active and getting rewarded accordingly. Two new members joined our Clan this week. It's also good to see a lot of members taking exams. I received a lot of emails of members passing all sorts of exams. It's all very good and keep up the good work!

I thought it might be time that i mention the Master Student Program again. We haven't had many inquired from newer or younger members about this Program. Whether it be that members are noticing that there's an MSP Guide there or if they don't understand what it is exactly. So i'm going to explain what it's about.

  Members below the rank of Dark Jedi Knight can have their own Master. When 
  a member has a Master the member then becomes a Student. A Master is 
  someone who is at the rank of DJK or above. The Master will give their 
  Student a number of tasks according to each rank level. When the Student 
  completed the required tasks given from their Master, they then can be 
  promoted to their next rank. This can continue until the Student reaches 
  the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. A Student may leave the program at any time 
  if they feel that it's not what they want to do and they prefer to just 
  follow the Advancement Guide.  

  The Master Student Program, in my mind, is a much easier way to get 
  promoted and know people in the DB. You get someone who will personally 
  assist you with each rank. You will form a bond with your Master and learn 
  certain things you wouldn't learn on your own. In my mind, this is much 
  easier than going through the Advancement Guide and trying to figure out 
  what to do on your own.   

  If members below DJK are interested in being apart of he MSP the link to 
  the Guide is listed below. For further inquires you can contact Enahropes 
  as he is in charge of the program. Or if you want, you can contact both 
  Enahropes and myself.

Well that's all for this week. Get in the Clan Competition and beat Xhedias down!!


  CSK Hot Shot for this Week  


  Nyght Garou for completing 3 exams with a perfect score of 100% and 1 exam 
  with a 90%. All of this done within the week.

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Master Student Program: Guide!

  _**CSK Advancement Guide**_**:**

  _**CSK Site**_**:** [](  


  **Hunt for the Betrayer

  Monthly Topics

  _**CSK Newsletter**_**:** _In Progressive Planning_  

  **_CSK Weekly Meetings_:** _In Planning_  

  _**CSK Game:**_ _On Hold_  

  _**Patriciate of Satal Keto:**_ _Developing_

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  [Dark Jedi 

  [Dark Side 

  [Clan Satal 

  [House Aleema](  

  [House Kirleta](

  [CSK Advancement 

  [Gaming Guide](

  [Clan Satal Keto Message 

  DB CSK Message Board](  

  Newer DB CSK Message Board](  

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