Oracle Report


Oracle Report


It has been some time since I've posted a formal report, so this might be a bit long.

Personal Stuff:

Well, its official. My son speaks better Italian than I do. I'm quite shamed. Beyond that... Last month, I was offered the opportunity to study ceramics in Japan with a Living National Treasure. For an American ceramic artist, especially since I'm not as professionally established as others with my credentials, was selected, me nonetheless, was quite an honor. A few weeks ago, I flew into Japan to meet the Master and go over the particulars, and turned the offer down. I also elected to take a sabbatical next fall, for my thirteenth semester here. This means two things. One: I'm contractually obligated to spend another twelve semesters. Two: I've a full nine months off starting in May. I also get a nifty payraise and full tenure.

*Brotherhood Stuff: *

Lord Cotelin has given me a great honor, in awarding me the Emerald Dagger. I am greatly appreciative, Jac.

Praetor Position Open for Applications:

With the appointment of Kaek as Praetor to the Master At Arms, I was forced to invoke a long standing policy of mine, that my Praetors may only be Praetor to me. Kaek has graciously stepped aside, and will be leaving with full honors and appreciation for his hard work on my Staff.

Position Description: Praetor to the Oracle: The Praetor to the Oracle is charged as the Chief Scribe of the Oracle, and will transcribe all prophecies uttering during meditation. The Praetor will also assist with research and interpretation of all records currently maintained by the Oracle's office.

Basically, the Praetor to the Oracle will be helping me with all of my current projects. I vest my Praetor with the full authority of my Office at all times, and I generally involve you with every aspect of my involvement with the Dark Council. Furthermore, I generally select a Praetor that will be trained to serve as my replacement, should I need to retire or go on leave. This requires a high level of trustworthiness, as you will be involved in confidential projects that I am working on.

You must display a high level of current writing ability, or the ability to develop such a skill very quickly. You will be writing quite often.

Specific Requirements:

--1st Tier Equite.

--5 pages of fiction, 10 pages of poetry.

--Have served as a Battleteam Leader or greater.

--Strong IRC presence.

--Commitment/Ideas for the fictional development of the Brotherhood.

Preference will be given to those who meet my specific requirements, and to those who are not currently on another Dark Councilor's Staff. I require much from my Staff, and I reward equally well. If you do not meet these requirements, don't shy from application. I offer on the job training.

If you are interested, submit your application with a description of the above noted requirements to darkman304 at yahoo dot com


Covenant: Thank Darth the Covenant is almost completed. The Dark Council has finished its review, Jac is currently compiling all the suggestions and comments by the Council. The document will be sent to Overlord von Oberst for editing, at which point it will be released and ratified.

Dark Side Compendium: Work on this has stalled a bit, given the hectic pace of my personal life. Book One is nearly completed, with only the Clan Sections, Roll of Immortals, and the Dark Council incomplete. I'll be posting the new History as soon as Jac approves it, for preview. This next week I'll be compiling Book Two, which includes all of the specific structural things, such as the Medals, ID lines, Grant of Arms, etc.

The Next GJW: Is in the planning stages. Jac and I are working on a timeline and the preliminaries of a story.

Tales of the Final Way: Myself, Oberst, Bloodfyre, Kir, Spears, Kaek, and Rekio are participating in this month's run-on. I'll be posting the story later tonight. We expect that the Tales of the Final Way will highlight the politics of the Brotherhood, as they are reflected in reality. Our story will focus on our enemies within and without the Brotherhood, and our own individual obsessions and goals.

After this month, I'll be accepting applications for April. You must include your list of partipants (4-7) and the opening post. Participants will be rewarded with Crescents at the end of their story, and possibly with higher-level awards if I deem the story of sufficient quality. Your group will have access to the private forum for one month.

The next Dark Voice: As Jac said in his report, the deadline for submissions is March 9th. I realize that this is rather sudden, but I remind you that this is currently the only way to earn Dark Side Scrolls. Submissions must be in-character, journalistic style. Images may be included, as long as they are narrative in nature (screenshots are acceptable).

At this time, I cannot accept narrative fiction, poetry (if you have good Prophecy, you might sway me to include it), or created game levels.

In conclusion, allow me to offer my congratulations to Clan Naga Sadow. They placed Second in the Krath Rite of Supremacy. I am very proud of our Clan, I am very proud to be Son of Sadow, and I am proud of every members contribution to the glory of the Heirs to the Empire and the Brotherhood as a whole. Congratulations to my brother, Malik Sadow on his Emerald Dagger. I am proud to have served as Consul of a Clan with so noble a Consul.

Along the Final Way,

_His Immortal Excellency, Dark Jedi Master Trevarus Irad Caerick, Knight First Class; Son of Sadow _

Oracle of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi; Consul Emeritus of Clan Naga Sadow

Shan Long, Apprentice of Lord Chi Long

Secunda Marked of the Wanderer

Pottery Baron; Lord of Kalekka Tower and the Du'san Boundary

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