Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Report time... again. :P

[Krath RoS]

Last time... I promise. Well, maybe not last since we should get awarded for our wins and stuff, but we have results (released last week).


Final Scores:

Taldryan 466.41

Naga Sadow 373.37

Scholae Palatinae 154.9

Satal Keto 126.42

Arcona 104.95

Exar Kun 95.19

Tarentum 90.5

As you can tell, we kicked some major ass. w00t! Congrats to everyone who placed and a great job for all the participants. We're the First House of the Krath yet again!

[House News]

-Competition coming soon. I promise. :P

-I updated the site with some possessions stuff and I'll get working on the History and IRC guide ASAP. For those of you who have been left out of the loop and haven't seen our nifty new site: http://www.ektrosis.taldryan.org/

[Other News]

-The Dark Covenant (basically all the rules, regulations and policies of the Broterhood) is being finalized and is slated for a release soon.

-The ACC Championship ladder is open for signups. The following rules are in place:

Only those of ACC Rank of Seeker and above may participate (the signups will be sifted before we begin to remove those who did not comply).

Combatants will fight with Lightsabres and Hand to Hand only (those below DJK will have their sword skill applied to a sabre that the Centre will loan you)

The 72 hour post time is in effect

Rite of Exaltation is available only by request.

-- When the signups are closed and the ladder is set up, combatants must mail the CM and request the Rite before the intro to their battle is posted.

-CoG Jasru has released several new plans for the Royal Guard. See his report for details.

-The next Dark Voice (which is basically the Brotherhood's literary/graphics magazine/newsletter) should be released quickly and submissions are due by March 9th.

-Malik, the Consul of Clan Naga Sadow, has been awarded an Emerald Dagger. Be sure to congratulate him if you see him.

-Tron, the Emissary, has stepped down and his position has been dissolved. He was awarded an ED as well for his services.

-Our recently appointed MAA Khan Kunar has been promoted to Dark Side Adept.

-The Oracle has been awarded an ED too.

-The Oracle is looking for a new Praetor. See his report for details.

[Promotions and Transfers]

-First off we should welcome our newest Ektrosis arrivals, Trron Loran and Kali`Thule! Please make them feel at home.

-Trron Loran has worked his way from Apprentice to Acolyte! Excellent work.

-Kali`Thule has also worked her way up to Protector. Nice job!

-For his hard work, dedication and activity, Tiberius has been promoted to Jedi Hunter! Congrats, Tib!

Don't forget, the Ektrosian Trials, the main method of advancement, can be found on our website at: http://www.ektrosis.taldryan.org/promos.php

[Shadow Academy Courses]

Trron Loran passed his Test of Wisdom.

Kali`Thule has been very busy at the Shadow Academy! She passed the PHP I Programming, Leadership Studies, IRC Channel Operator Studies, Krath Grammar Studies, Conflict Mediation and HTML Basics courses! Good work!


Chaosrain - Cluster of Fire (x3)

Nexusmage - Cluster of Fire (x1)

Dalthid - Steel Cross

Tiberius - Legion of the Scholar

Fet'ai'narun - Legion of the Scholar

Dark Sabre - Legion of the Scholar (x2)


Don't forget, participating in a lot of these are the best way to stay active!

-The ACC's Capture and Deliver competition. (http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.org/dbjedi/viewreport.asp?ID=6867)

-The MTs. LAST DAY! (http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/comments.asp?ID=R:6891)

-The Multiplayer Gaming nights continue. Details on the Taldryan site (http://www.taldryan.org/competitions.php)

-Jasru is looking for a new Royal Guard crest. Entries can be sent to him.

-Sith Lords Reborn continues and ends today!(http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/competitions.asp?ID=673)

-Shups is running the Taldryan Cookoff competition. See his e-mails for details.


There's plenty to do... so all of you keep busy! And again, congratulations to our shared victory in the Krath Rite of Supremacy!

-QUA Dark Sabre

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