Commander of the Guard Report


Commander of the Guard Report

Dark Greetings All,

With my absence from the reporting world lately I have some good stuff to report to everyone. As a quick overview for you to decide if you want to read on or not here’s what I have in store: competition announcement, Royal Guard Compendium, and Royal Guard fiction announcement.

Royal Guard Multi-player Gaming Competition

For the first competition as the revamped Guard my staff and I have decided upon a standard multi-player gaming comp with a few twists. I know that there are members in the Guard that don’t own games, and for those people I have two things to say. First, we’ll be having ACCLive/ACC comps in the future, so you will get that fix when that roles around. And second, games like JO and JA are like $10 now in the U.S. so go out there and get them, it’s well worth it to open up another aspect of the DB world that you’ve been missing out on.

I will have an announcement tomorrow or the day after giving all the details. We are still working out a few things and I don’t want to give you some info that might change. Look on the news page for those details.

Royal Guard Compendium

Arania and I have been working on some of the sections of the RG Compendium that I am trying to get together. It will have some fictional sections and some practical sections. There will be a history section, along with the role of the RG and some other fiction. And it will lay out the different activities that the Guard does and other things you need to know to really understand what the Guard is and does.

As those sections are finished I will be sending them to Jac and Mav to have a looksie and then I’ll post them on the Forum for everyone to read and provide feedback. When I’m satisfied with the finished product they will be uploaded to the website.

Royal Guard Fiction

One thing that I would really like to work on with the new Guard is the fictional side of who we are and what we do. Ara and I are already writing one DV article per issue and I would like to see more from the members (and non-members if they are so inclined). Anything that has to do with the Guard is welcome and I would highly encourage you all to do it as you receive a DSS for it and some good air time throughout the DB. If you do write an article I would ask that you send me a copy when you send it to Trev (he’s the DV guy).

Also, the Guard will be having various fiction comps going on at different times. These won’t really be very formal comps like other ones that we’ll have, but more open ended. Some will be run-ons with your cell, others will be individual. I’ll email RG members when those fiction comps start.

Well, that’s really all I have for now. Look for the competition announcement in the next couple of days. Have fun and be active.

Dark Jedi Knight Jasru Lakca

Commander of the Guard

Personal Guardian of the Grand Master

Member, House Marka Ragnos

SC / DC / Cr-3S / CF-BlF-RF-GF / DSS / S:-1R [ACC: SKR]

Now dont I remember a Royal Guard Crest competition in motion, or has that been disbanded.

Yes, the Guard Crest comp is still going. It's more of an open-ended things too, so I'll wait until I get something I really like and then close the comp.

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