Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

#5 Quaestor Report

Ah, I believe its time for another report from your loveable Quaestor, ME! I have been busy the last week playing this free RPG and now I have got sick of it…its http://www.conquersonline.com if anyone is interested, email me!. Instead of playing this game, I should really start doing some college revisions for my exams coming up.

Anyways… It’s been a better week with more promotions of some apprentices to the next rank of novice and more shiny medals. Things seem to be going well in the recruitment side of the house, I must admit, But… I need to see more activity in both multiplayer platforms and in clan and house competitions.

My competition

If you hate the obelisk scum like me, you can send an entry in any written form. Best ways are Poetry or fiction…but simple ways are IRC logs… This competition does also apply to you obelisks who hate the sith! Instead of showing me, your hate for the Jedi, Show me your hate for a different order!

You have 24hrs left to send me an entry!

(All entries must be emailed to me and can be CC to Mage)

Banshee Brigade – Motto Competition

This competition is run by our very own new SGT, PRT Exiodias "Dias" Marr and consists of basically writing a line of a motto or something and emailing it to him - Check it out!

Active members

Aksle – Completion of Sith Core and leadership applications.

Voldemort – CF’s x3

Hideki Tetsuya – CF’s x10

Horus Blackheart Aquillarum – CF’s x7

There was more last week, But congratulations to all :o)

Congrats to all!

Anyways, lets see some more activity next week and try to make my report a lot longer aye? Remember to try and use IRC to chat to other Clan/House Members and even DB wide.

On another note…can all Allegiance players email me due to training nights getting planned for it.


Your Quaestor,

Vally Aquillarum Tamalar

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