Obelisk High Commander Report


Obelisk High Commander Report

No report from me in a while, I know.. I’ve been busy getting things organized. Read down for that.

*M:OHC *

I found Shadow Taldrya Thrustworthy enough to be my Magistrate. It doesn’t really change much, he’ll be doing the same for me he was doing before. Reading stuff for errors, helping me with some ideas, the occasional thrusting, etc.

Republic Commando

I hate this didn’t go through. Dang LA, and their funny idea’s regarding MP. The tournament has been put on hold until these issues have been solved, after which it will be held first thing.

JA/JO tournament

Some of you might have heard rumours regarding this, and I’ll clear this up right now. This will happen. As soon as BF finishes his flight tournament, I’ll be holding a fighting tournament. Prizes? Sure, there will be prizes. Ground vehicles for yourself and your clan. What exactly I won’t tell yet.

Obelisk Background

Some things I am working on right now, are these: for one, the Obelisk Command Center is nearing completion. I’m working with some people to finalize things right now.

Second, Obelisk force powers. As soon as the HQ is done, I’ll be focusing on this. What we have now, is a rough outline of the powers we want. All quite unique, and quite useful, and logical.

I’m afraid I can’t give an ETA on these documents, but they will happen, that’s for sure. I can’t think of anything else useful to report on right now, so I’ll stop boring you with my mindless blabbering.

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