Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Night Hawks Weekly Report

April Fool’s Day: The DB is disbanded. See the DB news website for more details.

This week has been pretty quiet around here, and pretty busy for me. Read on… I put the word of the week near the bottom. 


Clusters of Fire: 6 unfortunately all for me. Is anyone else doing anything out there?

ACC Live is running right now, just visit #ACC on IRC so all you Krathies can get easy medals. If you are on around noon EST on Saturday, you can even challenge me.


Lech was promoted to Jedi Hunter. Congrats Lech!

From the Chirurgeon’s office:

Alright everybody, here are the fresh hot off the press competitions. Let's try and complete one competition a week if you can. Remember to submit them to Kat, your master, and the person who proposed the competition, of course.

Ok, here is a comp that ends today, so get on it! You can get a Third level crescent pretty quickly instead of waiting a month for the comp to end.How to Survive April Fool's Day!

If you happen to like poetry, take a look at this one. Poetry is fun, relatively easy and can be quickly done if you don't have time for a long story.April MT: "The End" (any kind of poetry)

If you feel like writing a story about pretty much anything, then check this one out. It is pretty vague, so you can go anywhere you want with it.April MT: "New Beginnings"

You like Haiku's? Look into this:High Priestess Office Haiku Competition

Well team, those are just a few comps and they are on quite a variety of topics, so don't think the only things we have to write are stories 1-2 page 12 pt font stories. Enjoy them! If you have any ideas for a comp, then whisper them into my ear ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and I will try to get it approved. ~ Lech

Roster: Janos Silverwulf Sadow, Sildrin Rys , Zhang Long, Lech, Ghost Angel, Alexandria Eris Entar, Taliana Ordo, Morombath, Velinos, Kat Pridemore

Where in the world is?: I am beginning to doubt that some of you exist. If anyone has seen one our of lost members, please direct them back or send me an email, so that I know they are still around. The people I haven’t heard from, nor spied in IRC, include Zhang Long, Ghost Angel, Morombath, and Velinos. Sildrin, you are part of HMR, not HLK, just an FYI. 

Word of the Week: This week, the fun in #Naga_Sadow continues with the word of the week is Deviant.

Quote of the Week: Nothing interesting apparently happened, as I received no submissions.

Please email me if you need anything. My email address is [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. In IRC I am listed as Kat_Pride. I would obviously like to see more activity, but thank you for all who contacted me this week.

In your service,

Kat Pridemore

JH Kat Pridemore (Krath)/TET/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow

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