Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Circle of Yu report

Hello, for those of you who don’t know me, I am Jedi Hunter Vardar (#4542) and it seems that this week I will be in charge. So, let’s get started, shall we?


Well, we’ve got some awards and people leaving :(


     -Nit’Chu Tetsuo: Clusters of Fire (2)  

     -Vardar: Crescent with Emerald Star (1), Clusters of Fire (5)  

     -Yemmer: None  

     -Tavin Longspear: None  

     -Merlance: Clusters of Fire (6)  

These last 2 weeks have been rough on Yu. First, our (now) former-First Lord Ma’ar Tyrius Ga-tir had to move out to become an Aedile for Tridens, and now Merlance has given up on Yu and everything to join the Rogues. Of course, we should be happy that they follow they’re own path successfully, but Yu is at a loss of members and inactivity is starting to show.


–Yu Training Battle

In the First Lord’s office, Vardar says to himself:

“It is time for us to step out of the dark; the Yu Circle has gone inactive. We must train; otherwise we will fall into decay. Our warriors must reaffirm their skills and masteries...”.

This competition is for JA and JO. You must face each (available) member of the Yu Circle in a single match of 5 saber duels (except yourself, I believe that’s clear enough ^^) the one that is able defeat all or most of the other members will get first place, second and third will be determined, as well, by the number of wins. The competition will run through Monday, the 28th March ‘till Saturday, the 1st April. You have a whole week to do 4 matches with each other member. It is a long period of time for such a small task, so I would expect you all to participate, unless you have some kind of computer problem, plus you have nothing to lose.

Awards for the warriors that place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will receive 4th level crescents.

Remember to forward all submissions to me in order for me to determine which ones of you earn anything.

I hope you participate and enjoy, remember, it’s not about winning, all you have to do is have fun ^^.


Our roster is currently composed of 5 members:

-#4375 Jedi Hunter Nit'Chu Tetsuo

-#4542 Jedi Hunter Vardar

-#4483 Protector Yemmer

-#4768 Acolyte Tavin Longspear


SQ Vardar (Shadow)/CMDR/Tridens of Tarentum

CL-KC / Cr-2S-2E / CF-BlF-RF / LSS / SI / S:-1R


This is Vardar, the First-Lord-of-Yu-for-a-week, signing off.

Glory is fleeting, but darkness is forever,


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