Aedile Report


Aedile Report

April Fool's Day everyone...... and as you may have noticed..the Brotherhood has been consumed by the Light and we're all Lightsiders!.....hopefully it'll all be changed back tomorrow for I refuse to be a Padawan for any longer than neccesary! It's an atrocity!.... hmph :P

House News

Rayyven joins the House this week, and has already earned promotion to Novice, welcome to Aleema. The new House competition has started! "The First Day"( This is the first Aleema-only competition in a while, so take part and give it a go. Remember, you sure as hell won't win anything if you don't at least try!

Hehe, you gotta love me. (don't ask, just another random insane comment :P)


Rayyven to Novice


Rayyven to Aleema


Cluster of Fire-Nilani Bakash




The First Day


April MTs



How to Survive April Fool's Day!




Suprise party for Lannie


High Priestess Office Haiku Competition


Quaestor's Trivia


The House roster is as follows:

Priest Ziltopia

Priest M'Kel Kahn

DJK Jeax Zirv

DJK Zadious

DJK Callus Bo'Mar

DJK Nilani Bakash

JH Minerva Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez

GRD Doku

PTR Nyght Garou

ACO Shadoweye333

ACO Suaron

ACO Vervain Markenin

ACO Bovi Kahn

NOV Kyln Nadine

NOV Knuph Roede

NOV Gilraen Animus Entar

NOV Dav Flamerock

NOV Vexer

NOV Raeth

NOV Demurral

NOV Kinzu

NOV Rayyven

APP Rube Yiso Bo'Amar

APP Rajan Ustamee

APP Falon Sy-Gon

APP Viak

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