Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report



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<> <font color="#FFD700"> State of the Order</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> So... where to begin.

I appreciate the patience everyone has had lately, and I apologize for my absence as of late. As the semester in school winds down, I find myself being stressed out more and more, and the desire to eat a bullet rising with the stress, as well. Fortunately, I don't own any guns, and even if I did, I doubt I'd have the conviction to do anything about it. Suffice it to say though, it's gotten extremely hectic for me, and again, I apologize for being less-than-present.

The Bracket Tournament hasn't gone exactly as I'd hoped. People have had connection difficulties, timing difficulties, and confusion that hasn't turned it the way I'd hoped. However, the Tournament isn't "over," nor is it dead in the water. I'm trying to sort things out, and will likely have them sorted out for you so that this round can resume again Saturday afternoon, or perhaps Sunday. For those who were listed as being a part of Round Two, if I got in touch with you, please, get back in touch with me. I need to figure out who is still wanting to try and get matches in, and help bring about the completion of this.

Work still progresses on my numerous projects. I'm trying to get things completed, because I'd like most, if not all of them to be released by the end of the month to everyone. Which means, I need to hustle it, get it out to Jac and Mav, get them to toss it around, and give me feed back, yada yada, bada bing bada boom, you all get new additions to the Order, and possibly the Brotherhood as a whole. In addition, I'm also trying to continue progress on the planning for the Sith War. No, I don't just want another competition of "play some SP flying missions, do some MP flying, a couple of stories, bada boom, get the winners." I want it to be interesting, I want it to be innovative, and I want it to be something you'd all want to do again.

Just a brief note: The Brotherhood exists, not because I'm here reporting on stuff, not because the DC makes reports, or "plans stuff," the Brotherhood exists because of you, the members. Your dedication, and consistancy helps maintain the Brotherhood, and strengthen it, and improve it. It's not going to matter how much stuff gets put out, or when it gets put out, if it's not utilized. We have a lot of good, active, talented, dedicated people, and we need to see you shine, and do your best. Your Clans increase standing and holdings by your actions, even as you grow and increase possession and reputation.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> The Sith Order recognizes...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Today, I recognize that City of Heroes is an ok game, and will be much better once they release City of Villains. Today, I recognize that I can sit through the movie "Ladder 49" everyday for the rest of my life, and still enjoy it. Today, I recognize that baby carrots are wonderful things, and I could eat handfuls of them whenever. Today I recognize a lot of little things that go on, that I probably don't really call attention to very often. I don't know that I recognize these little things when I do them, or that I actually enjoy them. Like baby carrots; I love those things. The reason I mention this? What little things in your lives go unnoticed? What little things in the DB don't receive any attention? I'd like to submit that, we ought to pay attention to the little things, the things that don't garner attention, and the things that may not seem monumental. Have a little appreciation for what goes on in the world around you, and enjoy it. You might be surprised what's out there.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Sith Site/Battle Compendium</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Rekio has been working on a Beta-testing site for a mission Compendium, and has also been trying to get some work done utilizing the old site that Mav created for Goat a while back. The current testing site is located at for those who want to look, and maybe test some missions. Feedback is encouraged, as is participation in getting the missions tested. As far as rewards for missions, yes, we are going to still get people rewarded for making missions. If your missions aren't up on the site, email Rekio, see if he has them, and if not, make sure he gets them to upload. Once things are settled with who needs what, and which missions are good, people will receive their medals. However, I am considering doing away with thCrest of the Strategist, and awarding DSS's, instead. I still need to talk that over with Jac and Mav, but I just want you all to know, that's my mindset. More on that as I have more to give.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Sith in Fiction</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Well, for this next while, I've put out the "Greatest Warrior of All Times!" competition. If you need info on it, the Competition Form for it is located at, and everything you need to know (for the most part) is there. The Warrior of March was Mav Cantor, our Deputy Grand Master, and I appreciate him being a good sport about it. April's Warrior is none other than our Seneschal, Cybey. Get writing! Make fun of the Entar codemonkey! Heh. No, this is not just going to be writing about the DC, but I will be choosing "warriors" at random for each month. Crescents to the top three, a Dark Cross to the Warrior. Judging will be done by the Warrior for that month, but submissions get sent to me, so that I can zip them all up, and send them off in one shot to the person for their grading.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Competitions</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Tuesdays and Thursdays are Gaming Nights in #gmrg; Tuesday is preferred 1vs1 gaming, Thursdays Team matches, though anything goes. Every other Sunday in #gmrg is the bi-weekly Tournament, and every Saturday in #outerrim is the ICTE. In addition, there is the "Greatest Warrior..." competition, as I noted above, the Monthly Topics, and pretty much anything you can want. If there's something you want that you don't see, that's the reason I took Shadow on as a Magistrate. Yes, Shadow does something besides work under my desk. If you want to see a different style of competition, or something new, email Shadow, give him ideas, and lets make this play seriously kick some ass.

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Miscellaneous</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> For those who didn't know, Chyler Leigh is hot. If you don't know who I'm talking about, she was the punk chick from the flop show "That 80's Show," as well as the "nerd girl" from "Not Another Teen Movie," and she rocks your socks. If you want to scope her out, check here for a still of the music video she did with Marilyn Manson of "Tainted Love," that was done for "Not Another Teen Movie." She's hot. Also worth noting is this site, which has some good ones. A couple of nice shots of her with Mia Kirshner, who is another hot, hot woman from "Not Another Teen Movie," among other things.

&nsbp;What does this have to do with the DB? Not a damn thing. But you know you're glad I put this up here, anyways. I know, it's ok. I love me too. Heh. Kidding. :P

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<> <font color="#FFD700"> Conclusion</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Stuff, stuff, more stuff, school sucks! In any case, make sure to keep in touch with the happenings, and make sure to have some fun. Let's kick some ass!

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<font color="#EE0000"> Dark Jedi Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae</font> <font color="#FFFAFA">

The Ghost Dragon, Gui Long

High Warrior of the Sith

Bearer of the infinite Kick assness

Wielder of the holy keg of f**k you </font>

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