Aedile Report


Aedile Report


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As you can

    probably guess I have returned from my travels and as you will read a   

    bit later on in this action packed report it was certainly eventful. 


    in the entire Dark Brotherhood has now been focused on the Independence   

    Games and though we certainly have lots of Exar Kun signed up it would   

    be wonderful to see some actual participation, some of the events require   

    little work and it would be great to see some more participation. More   

    moaning later!   

Being I was

    AWOL whilst 'enjoying' my holiday there wasn't a competition released   

    this time around. So no results and no new competition from me till next   

    week. That said there are LOADS of great events in the IG's (yes, one   

    of many cheap plugs) and there are some great competitions happening in   

    Ziost itself, more on that later.

Don't forget

    though, the last two weeks of winners have been the same people. Thran   

    Occasus and Esca. Keep up the good work gentlemen and close the door on   

    your way out. *checks to see they have gone*. Okay next competition let's   

    bury them! I implore you Ziost, to knock those two from the top spot!   


These members

    below have distinguished themselves through incredible feats, so for all   

    those listed below congratulations and keep up the good work: 



    Promoted to Novice. 


    Thran Occasus**   

    Awarded Crescent with Emerald Star, Promoted to Guardian. 


    Esca Teiko **  

    Awarded Crescent with Topaz Star, Awarded Cluster of Fire. 


    Christopher Kyle **  

    Sith CORE passed, IRC Basics passed, Promoted to Protector. 



    Obelisk CORE passed, Conflict Meditation passed, Promoted to Protector,   

    ICQ Studies passed. 

**Dark jedi

    Knight Schisca Archaon Azytzeen**  

    Awarded Cluster of Fire. 



    Sith Flight Studies I & II passed, Sith Tactics passed. 



    MSN Messenger passed. 



    Sith CORE passed (100% ..!? Not even I managed that!! Well done). 


    Proed Ahlon**  

    MSN Messenger passed (another 100% Great work!). 


    Kain Valor**   

    Promoted to Novice. 



    Promoted to Acolyte. 



    Promoted to Novice. 


    Aleister Crowley**  

    Sith CORE passed. 

I finally

    managed to see this illusive film, and whereas it was my first time most   

    of you had already seen it 20+ times. It was an interesting experience   

    for me, it was like checking in at the security desk at the airport. I   

    had to go past a series of tough looking UCI staff, all determined to   

    halt me at various stages to check tickets, confirm seat numbers and watch   

    out for the greatest evil of all, a video camera. Please note, that the   

    actual distance between the ticket desk and the screen itself was no more   

    than 15 meters away, but it felt more like a round the world walk!

So did this

    film float my boat? Yes and no. I can say it is the best of the new series   

    of films, though for me the original films will always hold a special   

    place in my heart. No computer generated special effects, dodgy haircuts   

    and the slug like Jabba the Hutt. All classics!

The new film

    is of course a world apart, slick and expensive special effects and a   

    lot of ground to cover in a relatively short space of time. And before   

    I get the email and mail bombs I did like the film BUT there were one   

    or two things that annoyed me a little bit. There is of course my most   

    mortal enemy Jar Jar. That goggle eyed and annoying freak continues to   

    evade it's demise (Ed - Braecen does a wonderful impression) and I had   

    hoped it would be exterminated by the end but alas not! 

What was

    the deal with Palpatine? Now my mother always told me that the rays of   

    the sun were damaging to my skin complexion but my lord whatever happened   

    to him once exposed to force lightening? Talk about prune face, though   

    I imagine that the makeup department were feeling especially ambitious   

    when they tackled him. A little over the top for my tastes. 

One of my

    favorite scenes was the much reffered to 'Order 66', great fun seeing   

    the Jedi exterminated. Zorrixor said it made him feel bad being a Sith,   

    not me. If I had been allowed to bring a bottle of my favorite red wine   

    (a merlot) I would have toasted to their demise. Harsh? Not really, they   

    were so short sighted to spot the end coming and if you look in one scene   

    one of the doomed was actually smiling. As though enjoying a nice evening   

    ride, no doubt with a picnic hamper strapped to the back (look for the   

    swoop bike scene to see what I mean).

Here are

    some good links for you to visit, if there's anything you'd like to see   

    included let me know. 

**Dark Brotherhood


Exar Kun

    - Our clan web site. 



    Games **-   

    SLAUGHTER our enemies! 



So as you've

    all gathered I have been away on my holidays, with the express intention   

    of relaxing and drinking a bit too much wine. Tell me this, why is it   

    when we finally get to go away it all goes horribly wrong. Maybe the plane   

    is late or perhaps they lose you luggage? Or the old classic, the car   

    breaks down? Everything in my case went like clockwork, right up to the   

    point where I arrived. The place I went to was down south, by the coast.   

    It's called Western Super Mare, and the weather was reasonable ie. not   

    flood waters. It all started to wrong when I began tucking into a Chinese.

I spent the

    next two days straining my guts out down the toilet, I wont give you the   

    details but I was not a well man at all. By the time I recovered it was   

    the bank holiday weekend and the masses arrived making it impossible to   

    do anything of note. I did manage to capture some photographs but that   

    was my lot.


    of which I took the liberty of including some of my better shots for you   

    to look at, enjoy.

**What annoys

    you?** Besides my reports. Imagine getting a letter, it may contain   

    useful information or has some question or other BUT it is not signed   

    by anyone. Frustrating? Oh yes. At the moment emails are flying into the   

    Sumits inbox including my own from the membership but dont contain any   

    information about who its from!? Now I am not looking for your life history,   

    where you came from or going to but a simple name would do. For instance   

    I got an email today asking for a Master for the Master/Apprentice Program.   

    You know who you are, but you did not give me your name. Hunting out email   

    addresses and matching them to members is no fun. I will not respond to   

    ANY email unless you give me at least your name, so please add it. 

**Jedi Hunter

    Drodik** is a favorite member of mine, always been keen to contribute   

    is now striving to achieve his lightsaber and be granted the rank of Dark   

    Jedi Knight. He is currently undergoing his trials but in order to succeed   

    he needs your help! To help him out you need to enter his competition,   

    he's put a lot of effort into it and it's actually a good one to enter.   

    Here's the link:


    is**, lets face it the best House in the entire Brotherhood. And though   

    I don't doubt that our rivals quietly worship all that is Ziost we don't   

    have a web site we can call home. Solution? We build one, worthy of our   

    greatness. Presently we have to rather obsessed members spearheading this   

    project! Esca and Lasankya, if you have some coding ability, gift for   

    writing or even a dab hand with graphics I'd quite like to hear from you.   

    We can discuss it over a cool glass of white (being it is summer...ish)   

    and see if we cant construct something that'll make everyone envious.   

    Appropriate rewards will be offered to all who contribute!

Yes this

    is a very cheap advertisement! Please kick some serious ass in the Independence   

    Games!! I am incredibly pleased to see the number of people signed up   

    for the IG's but we need more submissions. I know some of you will be   

    a little overwhelmed by the shear number of events on offer but at least   

    try and do one event. If you can do more and heaven forbid put a little   

    effort into it you may actually walk away with some nice prizes. 

Why bother?

    You could sit down and do Shadow Accademy courses all day long, which   

    is not only a good thing but should be encouraged. But there will be a   

    point where you will need to find other things to do in order to progress   

    and earn your very own lightsaber! Not only that, but there are some fantastic   

    medals and awards to earnt. Big events like the IG's are a great way to   

    achieve success. You can quickly turn your barren roster into one filled   

    with promotions, medals and other little toys.


    not too long ago Exar Kun was a clan written off by other clans. We were   

    looked on as something that was dieing a slow and agonising death. Things   

    have changed, we have been winning a string of high profile competitions,   

    our numbers are up and we are beginning to show everyone else how a clan   

    should be run. This is a good chance for you to show everyone else why   

    we are the best clan in the entire Dark Brotherhood! 

I hope to

    see more submissions in the IG's and I also hope you all have fun when   

    you do take part. Please take part in Drodik's competition he'll thank   

    you for it :)

Your Servant,

    Godo Nurok 






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