Consul Report


Consul Report

Clan Exar Kun Report for June 1, 2005


I'd like to give a big shout out to our Clan Envoy/Byss Aedile Lucien for all his hard work in filling TWO essential roles in our Clan. Without his much-appreciated efforts our Clan would not be anywhere near as great as it is. His toiling as Clan Envoy has helped guide many a new member to the rank of PRT and beyond. His competitions have brought activity to House Byss, and his eager-to-help personality and easy-to-work-with attitude are much appreciated! For his tremendous efforts Lucien has been awarded the Grand Cross of the Dark Side.

Also, my own Student, Thran Occasus, has attained the rank of GRD this week! He'll be beginning his Trials for JH very soon. Congratulations!


One of the things on my "To Do" list was to build a section on the site to house our Blade of Kun. The Blade of Kun is CEK's "Member of the Month" and is chosen by the Proconsul and Consul.

Our choice has been made,and I am pleased to congratulate DJK Schisca on becoming our very first Blade of Kun because of his awesome representation of CEK to the rest of the DB in his gaming activities! To honor him, he has been awarded with a Star of Antei, a character picture drawn by myself (and another added to the site header), as well as a featured page on CEK's site. Unfortunately, Schisca is on leave right now (for another couple days), so I will wait until he has returned and responded to the interview questions I've sent him to post the Blade of Kun page. Make sure to congratulate him!

Think you've got what it takes to be our next Blade of Kun? Let's see your activity! Draw attention to yourself and Clan Exar Kun by competing in competitions and activities throughout the Clan and the Brotherhood and you might well see yourself there next!


Another item on my "To do" list was to add a section to the archive page that would showcase a single submission from our archives for an entire month. The first Featured submission comes to us from DA Jonaleth, one of the founding members of Clan Exar Kun! He has written us a fantastic piece of fiction entitled "A History of Clan Exar Kun" that serves not only as a historical document for our Clan, but an entertaining read as well!

Check out the member archives (and the featured submission) at


I've added more character graphics to the site header, most recently images of Lucien and Schisca.

Also, I've changed the site text logo to one that was created yesterday by Lucien (yes... his name is showing up a lot in this report). I think it turned out incredibly, so be sure to check it out at


When you are placed in a Clan in the Dark Brotherhood, you are placed on two mailing lists - one for the whole Clan and one for the House you're in. Mails sent to these lists will have a subject line with the words "[Exar Kun]" and "[Byss]" or "[Ziost]" in them. These mails are sent to the entire group, so when you reply to them, you are replying to the WHOLE group. If you intend to only reply to the original sender, you must change the email address when you hit "reply".

These lists are not for general conversation. Many members of the DB receive hundreds of emails a day, and many of them are important to running the club smoothly. In order to cut down on the volume of unnecessary mail sent, please take most private comments to a private email instead of keeping it on the list. Obviously, the occasional comment isn't bad, but let's try to keep the number down.

In addition, it is very important for you to include at least your DB name at the bottom of your emails to anyone in the DB so that we know who we're speaking to. Preferably include your rank, too. For an example, please see the bottom of this report.


That's it for this week... sorry for the long-winded report... lots of stuff going on, though!

Grand Master Chi Long

Consul, Clan Exar Kun

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