Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

** -> Special Krath Type Announcements <- **

A really great

thing happened this week. Ylith submitted a five part story totaling over forty pages! Go read it! You'll notice it's not in TNR. Well I converted it back to its original font because it just looked better that way. Of course I did this after I got my total page count :) So Ylith is the first person to break five Dark Side Scrolls in the Writer's Corner. A great milestone!
Jagen was also awarded a DSS. He submitted a few nice pieces of fiction. I encourage everyone to jump over to the forum and read some of these pieces. Put some comments up too. If I'm counting correctly there are fifty-four stories/poems up! Keep those stories coming in!

** -> Krath News <- **
The MTs and the Character Development competitions are coming along rather nicely. If you need info about Ulic Qel-Droma or some hints about the 'Dark God' then hit up the Krath site! Soon as the debate competition is over there will be some changes on the site so stay tuned.<p>The debate is set to start today. I hope all you clan teams out there are ready for some well thought out arguments. A big thanks go out to the clan's who areparticipating. An even bigger thanks go to Dark Sabre who has spent a bunch of time working on this.

** -> Krathy Hook-Ups <- **

Hey got some links for you all to browse.
The Krath Site
Writer's Corner
Debate Competition
Location of the Debates
Epic Competition: Old Words
Character Development #9: DeathPoem MT: The Dark God named Krath
Story MT: The Fall of Ulic Qel-Droma

** -> Krath-i-ness <- **

The craziest thing this week happened while I was on my way to work. There on the side of the interstate was a small S-10 pick-up truck with its back wheels on top of a concrete barrier that stood higher than the truck. I thought it was the funniest thing I've seen in a while.<p>Sorry this is out a bit late. I was being the good granddaughter and visiting my ailing grandparents. I took them out to eat twice, took my grandma to BINGO, and gave them both a pedicure. This all in lieu of their 60th wedding anniversary! Soooo...I'll be kinda busy this week but if anyone needs anything, just drop me an email :D</p></p>

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