Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Dinaari Aedile Report #3 - By Duga Arkarso

~~~~ First the News! ~~~~

  • Not that busy around the DB in the last two weeks really. Some things are happening though and here is the news..

  • SHW Gui Long/Bloodfyre has been posting on the DB News page about future tournaments involving the game Allegiance. The game is a flight simulation game that pushes team play. The best part about it is the game is totally free to get. Information about the game and future competition is listed in the following places. ( (

  • JO/JA Bracket Tourneys are still going. They should be moved forward soon I hope. Several Dinaari and Taldryan members are still in it. Good luck to those.

  • Massive DB AWOL Check is over. The DB lost 1706 members that were JH and below. Members ranked DJK and above that had their profiles turned to invisible totaled 243. Dinaari lost several, all APP ranking.

  • Obelisk RoS this September! All those JO/JA players out there get ready for some action. We must pwn everyone in the name of Taldryan and Dinaari!

  • CM Report is out and on the news page. Other DB wide news is listed there as well. Take a look. (

~~~~ What to do? Competitions! ~~~~

  • The BM Comp is still going. Check the Dinaari Competition page listed below for more details. Several people have already submitted, but there is still time for the outcome to change.

  • The latest Quick & Easy CON Comp has just ended. Look out for CON Kir to send out another email about a new one in the near future.

  • A Clan Competition will be coming up very soon. Right now just keep on any House compeitions(The BM Comp) and the weekly events for gaming. There is some writing events that KHP Telona Murrage has going. Check the DB Competition page for those. Make sure whatever you submit to has "Entire DB", "Clan Taldryan", or "House Dinaari" listed as the Unit involved.

-=||=- Weekly Multilayer Events -=||=-

1v1 Night, but anything goes really - Tuesdays in #GMRG

Team Night, but anything goes really - Thursdays in #GMRG

Interclub Training Event (ICTE) - Saturdays in #outerrim

Bi-Weekly MP Tournament - Every other Sunday in #GMRG

ICTE Website: Check for Updates on who is hosting each Saturday and the times of the event. Rules and other information is up as well. (

Sunday Tourney is TOMORROW for those that qualify. Qualify by playing in at least one other gaming event listed above over the past two weeks before a Sunday Tournament.

Dinaari Competitions Page:

DB Competitions Page:

~~~~ House Activity ~~~~

We have 32 members above the rank of apprentice. 13 of those actually won something or did SA Courses. 3 people have been and are playing in ACC matches. So we have around half of our members active. That isn't too bad compared to some others, but we could always do better. Right now things are pretty slow though. Once Clan competitions come up and future DB-wide events as well I expect activity to rise a great deal.

~~~~ Moving On Up! ~~~~


  • NOV Aevin Lightwave is now a Acolyte (ACO)

  • APP Bendak is now a Novice (NOV)


~~~~ Awards? Really? ~~~~

Armagedon = 2 CF, S:Al

Crix "Uberman" Madine = Cr-1Q, S:Al

Duga Arkarso = 48 CF, Cr-2R-1A-1S, S:12Al

Kraval Novir = 13 CF, S:Al

Michael Arkarso = 1 CF

Pimp Benevolent Taldrya Whiner = 7 CF, S:Al

Pimp Sharad Taldrya Hett = 1 CF, Cr-A, S:Al

Pimp SwipeR = Cr-T

Taigikori = S:Al

Trazar Gious = S:Al

Yu Long/Pyralis = 32 CF

Zhilvinas = 9 CF

~~~~ SA Passings ~~~~

  • Xadow Kun

Leadership Studies

  • Yu Long

Krath Core

~~~~ Coming and Going ~~~~

Transfered in:

  • APP Saor (Obelisk) from Rogues

  • APP Loveless (Obelisk) from Rogues

  • APP Solius (Sith) from Rogues

  • NOV Xadow Kun (Sith) from Rogues

  • APP Bendak (Sith) from Rogues

  • APP Lurtz (Sith) from Rogues

Transfered out:

  • ACO Bendak (Krath) to House Ektrosis of Taldryan

Welcome to the House and Clan! If you have any questions send them to me, Benevolent, or Kraval. We should be able to help with anything you may need.

~~~~ Reminiscing ~~~~

July is about over now. Things are going too fast for me, I assume the same for many of you. Life can't slow down when I want it to. I had a week off of work and that was relaxing. I'm looking forward to some Clan competitions coming up. I hope all of you are too. I still need to check out Allegiance. I'll get around to that sometime.

Also, I'd like to point something out to all those that have trouble getting onto IRC. If you are only trying mIRC, you need to try some other programs. Here is a listing of programs for IRC that are open to Windows users. Don't forget the webchat on the DB site as well. IRC is a must have to keep good activity and compete in multiplayer events. (

Have a good two weeks. Stay busy. Stay alive.

_~OT Duga Arkarso

Aedile: House Dinaari of Taldryan_

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