Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Greetings Exar Kun,

I have returned from a nice, long and relaxing holiday. It was nice to get away and enjoy the sunshine (okay a week of great weather and a week of awful weather) and get some serious photography done. I have literally hundreds if not thousands of pictures to sort through. Though in all fairness less than 10% are any good, in my next report I'll be sure to include a good selection for you all to look at.

I have managed to wade through the emails and see that we're still on a high from the Independence Games, further heightened by the HUGE treasure trove of medals handed out, even I managed to pick up a through little trinkets to admire. In short well done to you all, you all earnt every one of those. With bigger competitions on the horrizon it's even more opportunity to collect more.

At this time of the DB calender things slow to a village like pace, as people go on their holidays, enjoy the weather (unless you live in the UK, in which case I suggest taking up water sports) so now is a good opportunity to learn more about the Dark Brotherhood and take more of those all important Shadow Accademy courses. Rest assured soon things are going to get rather exciting.

None this week, I have afterall just got back, but look out for one in my next report.

No point in repeating what Aedile Callus has already said. A HUGE glut of glorious medals, instead I shall say congratulations to you all and just report on what has occured during the week.

<span id="PageHeading">Dark Jedi Knight Scorpius</span>

ACC Initiates Course passed (with an incredible 100%!!!).

<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Dark Jedi Knight Xan Be'lakor Azytzeen</span></span>

Promoted to Dark Jedi Knight!!! Excellent job! Awarded 29 Cluster of Fires, Awarded Crescent with Ruby Star.

<span id="PageHeading">Jedi Hunter Rydack</span>

Awarded 7 Cluster of Fires, Test of Wisdom passed.

<span id="PageHeading">Dark Jedi Knight Schisca Archaon Azytzeen </span>

Awarded 6 Cluster of Fires.

<span>**<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading"><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><span id="PageHeading"><strong>Jedi Hunter Doku</strong></span></font></span></span><strong><span>

</span></strong> **<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Awarded 8 Cluster of Fires.</font></span>

<span>Protector Rook Palus</span>

Sith CORE passed, ACC Initiates Course passed, Leadership Studies passed, Conflict Mediation passed (an impressive 100%), MSN Messenger passed.

<span id="PageHeading">Guardian Aabsdu</span>

Dark Jedi Meditation passed.

Dark Jedi Knight Callus Bo'Amar

Awarded Cluster of Fire.

*<span id="PageHeading">Apprentice Galaphile</span>*

ACC Initiates Course passed, Sith Flight Studies I passed, Dark Jedi Meditation passed.

*<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Apprentice Karel Ja</span></span>*

IRC Basics passed, MSN Messenger passed.

It's great to see you all rolling up your sleeves and taking part. Xan has put in an impressive week and it's also great news to see so many more Dark Jedi Knights. Up until fairly recently this house was woefully short of such talent. Rook clearly is quite the student, absorbing courses like a sponge and its also great to see new members like Galaphile and Karel taking a keen interest. The Shadow Accademy and competition participation are great ways to earn promotion and medals. Keep it up.

<font size="4">A day at the house - COMPETITION! </font>

For those of our newer members, those of rank Protector or below here is an opportunity to shine, or even show off. Our own envoy, Arch Priest Adam Anderson is running a competition specially for you.

Basically your required to write a short story outlining your experiences with other members in the Clan. For instance you might write about a meeting with me or perhaps an argument with another member etc. For more information follow this link:


End Date: **<font color="#FF0000">Sunday 31st July


<font size="4">Warhunter after Assistance! </font>

Satal Keto's Quaestor, Obelisk Templar Warhunter is in need of assistance. Watch his reports and look at his wanted section. You may have the skills to help him, in which case feel free to get in touch.

Here's his latest report:


<font size="4">Independence Submissions Needed!</font>

The Proconsul, Krath Priest <font size="2">Lucien Triadus Isradia </font><font size="2"></font><font size="2">is seeking your submissions for the Independence Games. Those of you who managed to place in the top five are requested to send your submissions via email to him where they will be included in our Clan Archives.</font>

You can email him at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

<font size="4">Hunt for the Quaestor</font>

Sadly I am still being kept 'occupied' and it's your job to assist your friendly Quaestor in escaping and hopefully to live out a long life with fast women, fast transports and a good deal of vintage red wine! For those of you who shine in terms of writing, imagination and creativity their are some wonderful medals up for grabs. Crescents!

For more information go here:


The forum is located:

[http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/forum/index.php?showforum=66](http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/forum/index.php?showforum=66) (If you look in the house forum, Exar Kun, you will see the topic Hunt for the Quaestor!) NOTE: You need to register to use any aspect of the forum, its free. And at present the Forum is experiencing techinical difficulties.

End Date: <font color="#FF0000">Sunday 31st July</font>

Well needless to say A LOT has happened whilst I've been away, more than I could fit in perhaps 20 reports. The holiday, least for the first week was a huge success. I even bought you all a postcard (no I kid you not). Being I am back a little early you will have to wait till next report to see it, along with some of my better pictures.

Like a true tourist, I visited all the picture-esque spots, ate the local cheese and sampled the local brew. I went to Somerset, a great place filled with sarcastic brits (no, they really are more sarcastic than me!) and where they prenounce Tractor 'traaaaa errrrrr'. I even managed to taste the local Cider (Soy Derrr). It didn't effect me in the slightest, After several glasses and a certain air of smugness I went to get up and found my legs were dead as logs and the room was spinning. Odd, must have been the locally produced Cheese!

I even managed to visit the famous Wells Cathedral (No, I've never heard of it either). Amongst the impressive stone buildings and sombre lighting combined with sweet choir music I suddenly realised the place was being run by some corporate monster. Not making much sense? Allow me to explain, instead of being a place of holy reflection and prayer it is now gone all corporate. Bouncers claiming to be priests fleece you for donations, the word optional donation being replaced with suggested (or pay up or else, roll on Robin Hood) and now you even need a Camera permit to take pictures. One wing of the Cathedral had been re-built to accomodate a tea room where those over the age of 60 chat about the next door neighbours and the staff talk in American accents!

Even the Chapter House, a room much like the Dark Council chambers complete with stone thrones and brass plaques had now been changed into.....an ART GALLERY!? I half expected one of the Choir Boys to sell me tickets to some sort of animal fight or some such. Of course even the locals are in on the act too. I ask you, how much would you pay for a Ham Sandwich? Couple of Dollars? A few Euros? Four pounds? No, if you want the basic luxery of eating you may as well sell of your parents home and borrow money from a loan shark.

When presented with the bill for a basic lunch I asked where my luxery BMW was, I didn't get much in way of responce.

Of course being by the Ocean, one of the key expectations is fish food. No I dont mean Ben & Jerrys icecream, I'm talking Cod, I'm talking Hake, Sword Fish, Monk Fish, Skate, Plaice I'm talking the bounty of the ocean. So popping along to the local fish bar I was treated to a rather shrivelled excuse for a Cod and Chips with a complimentary Fly...oh and more sarcastic locals.

Driving in the countryside is also an experience to be 'savoured'. I was brought up in the country, and know that driving through lanes that would barely support a mini let alone a Ford Mondeo or bus full of Japanese tourists can be a little touch and go. Nothing can prepare you for Somerset Roads though. Driving down one of those roads is like driving through a sombre car graveyard. On each side of the tiny road you spot the wreckage of an unfortunate car, unlucky enough to drive a Centimeter or two from the edge of the road and plumit to its doom. I half expect to see the locals selling minature car wrecks and bookmarkers with the words "Come to Somerset, Come see the road of doom". Naturally I was sweating buckets trying to negotiate the roads and when a Bus came the other way....well lets just say you could smell my fear!

But this is of course just highlights, you will hear more, complete with pictures in next weeks report!

Here are some good links for you to visit, if there's anything you'd like to see included let me know.

Dark Brotherhood


Clan Plagueis - Our clan web site, check out Virulences super banner!


mIRC - We STILL have trout hitting contests!


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Forum


Photo Gallery - See Godo go all psychotic or wearing cool blue shades!


Shadow Academy [<font color="#cccccc" size="2">

</font><font size="2">http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/shadowacademy/sa/index.html</font>](http://gallery.darkjedibrotherhood.info/)[


Great to be back, loads to get on with and plenty to arrange for my next report. My apologies for the size of said report but I have only just returned, even manage a tan. Well, not a tan per say, more a pale white as opposed to brilliant white.

There's still plenty to be done however, we have numerous competitions to take part in:


Don't forget that there's also the Shadow Accademy, a place of learning. From here you can take part in a variety of courses, some will teach you more about the Brotherhood in general whilst other will offer more specialist knowledge. The added bonus is that you look really clever having a super long ID line :P To see whats on offer take a look: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/shadowacademy/sa/index.html

Your Servant,

Godo Nurok

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