Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

My brothers and sisters it is that time again, and I wish to welcome all the new members and thank all the active members in the house.

New Members

APP Galaphile (Sith)

APP Karel Ja (Sith)

It is a sith party.....


Dorn (PRT)

Mark Fel (NOV)

Devani (NOV)

Galaphile (NOV)

Shadow Academy Courses

ACC Initiates Course Passed: Galaphile

Leadership Studies Passed: Rook Paulus

MSN Messenger Passed: Rook Paulus

IRC Basics Passed: Karel Ja

Sith Flight Studies I: ISET Passed: Galaphile

Dark Jedi Meditation Passed: Galaphile

MSN Messenger Passed: Karel Ja

ICQ Studies Passed: Karel Ja

ACC Initiates Course Passed: Taslek Mynta

ACC Initiates Course Passed: Karel Ja

Last little tid bit,

Braecen and Xan have both requested transfers. I hope that they change their minds, but if not, I wish them the best of luck. Also, there is a comp for all those who are PRT and under without masters, It last for another week and that's it, so Please...Please send me those enteries [Log in to view e-mail addresses] is my email adress.



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