Herald Report


Herald Report

To: Dark Jedi Brotherhood Membership

Re: Rebirth, Grant of Arms, Activity

Dark Jedi -

The end is nearly upon us. After what feels like a decade of waiting we are finally on the cusp of the

club-altering event known as Rebirth. For those of you who are too new to remember, Rebirth was a

project title tossed at the Dark Council quite a while ago. It was to bring about the much needed change

  • to alter us, sever us from our Emperor's Hammer ties and establish us as a more independent

organization. Met with several roadblocks, the path to Rebirth has been a difficult and, as I mentioned,

long one to travel - but we are not there yet. Some recent events are preventing it from taking shape

as planned. It appears the wait will be slightly longer, but do not fear. The Grand Master has

everything nearly in place - it's just a matter of tying up loose ends. Given his personal schedule we

may not see these issues dealt with for upwards of several weeks, but they will be done and we will have

the plan in place.

This brings me to the Grant of Arms project. As some have already discovered, the new system is nearly

complete. We have been running scenarios and absurd requests through our new system to see if they can

work. We're testing the limits, refining the last problems and writing out the final requirements. One

problem has arisen, directly related to what is holding up Rebirth. In light of a recent departure, the

old Grant of Arms imagery cannot be used. Anyone with an old GoA must convert to the new one, and we

will be filling those requests first. Please watch for a news report from the HRLD office stating when

we'll be accepting those. We have to first finish off those requirements and get the request page

working, but it will be soon.

How do I know it'll be soon? I'll tell you. As soon as the new system gets ready for requests and the

first wave is complete,this Herald is going on a Leave of Absence. I do a lot behind the scenes here at

the DJB and that stuff is really starting to make me squirrely. I won't be checking the site, IRC or e-

mail for about two to three weeks. I'll still be available for the trial, Yacks. If anyone really needs

to get ahold of me contact Cyris. He'll be able to get a message to me.

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