Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Greetings Exar Kun,

No sooner have I come back hoping to ease into things once again, when it all hits the proverbial fan! Never a dull moment in Clan Plagueis. Chi Long has of course left our fold, which is a terrible shame especially when you consider the circumstances. This in turn has led to some quite dramatic changes in Plagueis, with Lucien taking the reigns of power. Needless to say we all wish him the very best of luck.

Despite the great changes, it seems you have all been keeping rather busy. Grabbing medals and passing courses. Always an encouraging sign, I am also happy to welcome Jonaleth back into our number. Doku's massive Run-on has finally been concluded and the results of which you will read a little later on.

Well, I don't normally make much of a fuss about members leaving House Exar Kun or indeed Clan Plagueis but I will on this occasion make a special effort. There are two members I would like to single out, one is the former Consul of this clan, Chi Long and the other is perhaps the lesser know but just as valid Sunflash al'tor.

Chi Long has left us, through reasons of his own. There are many who have liked and disliked this enigmatic Grand Master but regardless of everyones feelings we can't ignore his achievements. Many of you were not here when I first joined what was then called Clan Exar Kun. It had its success but for the most part the Clan was in disarray and full of infighting. Through his leadership and a variety of talented individuals we are now part of a highly successful and motivated Clan. Indeed we have one a string of high profile Brotherhood competitions, culminating in the victory in the Independence Games. An incredible achievement.

The second member who, rather than leaving the Dark Brotherhood has opted to help those less fortunate Clans with the benefit of his experience is Dark Jedi Knight Sunflash. An amazing member, with incredible dedication to the Brotherhood. He has previously served in the Summit and though to many he remains an unknown he is a personal friend. You only have to look at his record, like Chi's to see that he has made an impact. Indeed one story I always like to tell is when I first joined this Clan from Clan Taldryan. Then I was Dark Jedi Knight, and him a lowley Guardian or some such.

He basically told me to put up and shutup, it takes real courage to say that to someone of my rank. We became firm friends almost straight away. So in short I wish both Chi Long and Sunflash the best of luck in all future endeavours.

No point in repeating what Aedile Callus has already said. A HUGE glut of glorious medals, instead I shall say congratulations to you all and just report on what has occured during the week.

<span id="PageHeading">Protector Karel Ja</span>

Sith CORE passed, ICQ Studies passed, ACC Initiates Course passed, HTML Basics passed, IRC Channel Operator Studies passed, Krath Grammer Studies passed, Conflict Mediation passed.

<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Acolyte Taslek Myntar</span></span>

ACC Initiates Course passed, Dark Jedi Meditation passed, Conflict Mediation passed.

<span id="PageHeading">Protector Galaphile</span>

Promoted to Protector (Outstanding job!), IRC Basics passed, Sith CORE passed, MSN Messenger passed, Conflict Mediation passed.

<span id="PageHeading">Acolyte Kitiaro Bloodbane</span>

Promoted to Acolyte.

**<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading"><strong>Novice Devani</strong></span></span></span><strong>

</strong> **Promoted Novice.

Novice Mark Fel

Promoted to Novice.

<span id="PageHeading">Jedi Hunter Aabsdu</span>

Promoted to Jedi Hunter.

Protector Dorn

Promoted to Protector.

*<span id="PageHeading">Jedi Hunter Rydack</span>*

Krath CORE passed, Awarded Cluster of Fire.

*<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Novice Torak</span></span>*

MSN Messenger passed, Dark Jedi Meditation passed, Promoted to Novice.

*<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Jedi Hunter Doku </span></span>*

Awarded 7 Cluster of Fires.

*<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Dark Jedi Knight Schisca Archaon Azyteen </span></span>*

Awarded 3 Cluster of Fires.

*<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Protector Tulkar Ras-Kyr</span></span>*

Awarded 2 Cluster of Fires.

*<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Dark Jedi Knight Venquis Rhydd Arcanum</span></span>*

Awarded Cluster of Fire.

*<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Novice Atticus</span></span>*

MSN Messenger passed, Test of Wisdom passed.

*<span id="PageHeading"><span id="PageHeading">Novice Nomad </span></span>*

Sith CORE passed, Promoted to Novice.

Incredible activity this week, a definate improvement from last weeks. I am also happy to note many new members achieving considerable success. Including the like of Nomad, Atticus, Karel, Devani and many more. Well done to you all, keep up the good work.

<font size="4">Hunt for the Quaestor</font><font size="4"> - *Results! *</font>

Impressive is the word, VERY impressive! Over 60 submissions, some of you clearly loved your Quaestor enough to try save him...err...me. Or at least try and have me killed or injured in some fashion. Full credit goes to Doku, who organised a truely amazing competition. Excellent work Doku! And the Winners?

1st. Jedi Hunter Rydack

**2nd. **[Krath Priest Braecen Triadus Isradia](http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/dossier.asp?ID=4520)  

**3rd.** [Jedi Hunter Aabsdu](http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/dossier.asp?ID=5580)

Congratulations to all three, expect medals in the post.

**<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><strong><font size="4">Plagueis Web Site Down</font></strong><font size="4"> - <strong>Up...ish!

</strong></font></font>**The web site was taken down at the beginning of the week by former Consul, Grand Master Chi Long. Thankfully a dedicated team, consisting of Cyris, Lucien and Aerick were able to recover some of the original code and with Cyris's talents at graphics restored the Plagueis web site, complete with new super groovey design. Hats off to all involved for a speedy and impressive result. Though the site does not have full functionality yet, it is being worked as well speak.

**<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><strong><font size="4">Lusankya's Server Plagued with Intruders</font></strong><font size="4"><strong>!

</strong></font></font>**Lusankya has been running a JA+ (Jedi Acadamy) Server for a time now and has proved a remarkable success, but has recently become plagued with unknown individuals determined to ruin everyones fun. Here's a statement from Lusankya.

<span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Recently, members from the GIA clan have discovered the password to my JA+ Server and have been intruding. Watch out for them. Apparently their tradition is to “get rid of administrators who ruin games for other people.” They pretty much act like a bunch of asses that do nothing but lame. <o:p>/o:p</font></span>

<span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt"><o:p>/o:p<o:p>/o:p</span><font size="2"><span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt">If you notice any of these members in my server, contact me and / or a server administrator immediately so we can ban them. Xan, Venquis, and Wolf all have admin privileges on my server. So let them know.  You can identify these GIA members by their name tags, usually = {GIA}= and GIN. They also use funny names like Mr. Ducky and h4x, for example.<o:p>/o:p</span></font><font size="2"><span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt"><o:p>/o:p</span></font><span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial"><o:p>/o:p</span><span style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial"><o:p>/o:p</span>

**<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><strong><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><strong><font size="4">Battleteams being re-formed</font></strong><font size="4"><strong>!

</strong></font></font></strong></font>The ever popular Battleteams are once again being formed, an excellent opportunity for all our more competitive members and raw recruits alike to get noticed! Battleteam Leaders are still in the process of being decided and members of said Battleteams are also to be sorted out. Ours is called _Exar Kuns Shadow**_. The BTL is to be decided over the next day or so, if any of you would like the challange I encourage you to contact myself and Lucien with reasons why you think you have what it takes!

<font size="4">Warhunter after Assistance! </font>

Satal Keto's Quaestor, Obelisk Templar Warhunter is in need of assistance. Watch his reports and look at his wanted section. You may have the skills to help him, in which case feel free to get in touch.

Here's his latest report:


<font size="4">Independence Submissions Needed!</font>

The Consul, *Krath Priest Lucien Triadus Isradia *is seeking your submissions for the Independence Games. Those of you who managed to place in the top five are requested to send your submissions via email to him where they will be included in our Clan Archives.

You can email him at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Always things happening in my grumpy little life, but this week I am having a little break from the 'norm', and instead show the top 15 pictures I took whilst enjoying the mad locals company in Somerset.

Here are some good links for you to visit, if there's anything you'd like to see included let me know.

Dark Brotherhood


Clan Plagueis - Our clan web site, check out Virulences super banner!


mIRC - We STILL have trout hitting contests!


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Forum


Photo Gallery - See Godo go all psychotic or wearing cool blue shades!


Shadow Academy [<font color="#cccccc">

</font>http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/shadowacademy/sa/index.html<font color="#cccccc">


Call it a 'hunch', but I expect to see even more news and excitement in next weeks report, I am going to repeat a bit of information from last weeks report as it's useful. Remeber, if you ever need anything my door, cave entrance or whatever is always open!

We have numerous competitions to take part in:


Don't forget that there's also the Shadow Accademy, a place of learning. From here you can take part in a variety of courses, some will teach you more about the Brotherhood in general whilst other will offer more specialist knowledge. The added bonus is that you look really clever having a super long ID line :P To see whats on offer take a look: http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/shadowacademy/sa/index.html

Your Servant,

Godo Nurok

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