Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

"Thran, We have some news for you. Would you like the good news or the bad news first?"

"Ummm...can you give me them in one sentance."

"Well, You have been promoted to Envoy of House Bane, but your Master has left the Brotherhood, so...good luck!"

Let's get the ball rolling!

Welcome Ladies and Gents of House Bane to my first envoy report! (not really)

Well...I'm gonna start with an intro

Hi! I'm GRD Thran Occasus. I am Envoy of House Bane.

I am just getting settled into my position. So I dont really have a formal report yet. But it is coming. As you are all aware we have lost some major members of our clan recently. But never fear, I foresee great things for the clan. Best of Luck to Lucy, and the rest of the new summit.

New Members!

none this week


Jagan Roda- Promoted from PRT to GRD...CONGRATS! YOUR ALMOST THERE!!!!

Phyrellius- Promoted from APP to NOV, Great work you do Bane Proud!


KAP Xiao Long

-General Studies: ACC Initiates Course

GRD Jagan Roda

-General Studies: IRC Channel Operator

GRD Kaylesha

-General Studies: ACC Initiates Course

-General Studies: IRC Basics

NOV Phyrellius

-General Studies: IRC Basics

PRT Ashura Konden

-Order Studies:Sith: ESET- With a 100%!!!! GREAT JOB!


I have been Gone for the last haven't really contacted anyone. But look forward to next time!

Final Notes!

I need a new master!

Darkfully yours,

GRD Thran Occasus (Sith)/RM/Bane of Plagueis [KSOE: ENV] [ACC: SKR]

Cr-1S-2E / CF-BlF / SI / S:-5Al


"I am the Sunset and Darkness flows from my Hands"

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