Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

** -> Special Krath Type Announcements <- **

The Armed Hostilities hall in the ACC will be open to challenges at 12:01am EST Sunday. Make sure you read the rules and what not. Everyone at Seeker rank and higher will have until 12:59pm EST Wednesday to get their challenges out. Cluster of Fires are up for grabs here so make sure to join the fun! I'm a bit behind with the Writer's Corner, sorry to those who have sent some stories in. I'll get around to those here soon.

** -> Krath News <- **
New MTs are out and the links are below. Many thanks to those who participated in the MTs and character development last month. The turnout was great and I was happy with the quality of the submissions. I did, however, notice a lot of Sith members participating while the Krath members did not. I now issue the challenge to the Krath order to beat the Sith! Pull out all the stops and submit to the Monthly Topics like crazy :D<p>For those who are participating in the Debate Competition, the second round has started. Good luck to everyone!

** -> Krathy Hook Ups <- **

Hey got some links for you all to browse.<p>The Krath Site
Writer's Corner
Debate Competition
Location of the Debates
Epic Competition: Old Words
MT Story: Krath Deception
MT Poem: To Kill a Jedi

** -> Krath-i-ness! <- **

Personally, this was a bad week. We had auditors in all week :( <p>Now the crazy thing I heard about this week is this. Microsoft is offering to replace XBOX power cords made before like October of 2003 in the US. I asked about it and was told that there were a couple of fires started by the power cords overheating. Yet the reason the power pack overheated was the people left the machine running for days :P Ahhhh stupidity, got to love it.<p>Well that's it for this week. Everyone have fun out there! Remember if you need anything from me just drop me an email or catch me when I'm on AIM. I usually only come on mIRC when I have an hour or two so if you don't see me there try AIM. Email is the best way though :) Have fun!</p></p></p></p>

Yea, I bought my Xbox as soon as they came out...and last night it started sparking and making funny smells at brothers gf thought it would catch fire and kill me...right...just kinda ironic.

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