Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

** -> Special Krath Type Announcements <- **

There have been additional stories put up on the Writer's Corner. Make sure you visit and check them out! With new stories came new medals so yay to those who have a new DSS or two! The biggest contributer to the Corner is Ylith who has contributed over 80 pages worth of stories! The two biggests ones being the recent 'Technoborg' story and 'The Fight between Worlds' story. Anyone can contribute to the Writer's Corner. All you need is some type of fiction that is your own creation! Just send those pieces to me and I'll most of the rest of the work. Heh, I'm not starting a topic for you :P

** -> Krath News <- **
Wow nothing really to report on. I've gotten a few questions about the MTs. Just for everyone to know, the MT's are not suppose to have descriptions. They have a topic and you are two write on that topic. If you are at a loss for the Krath Deception topic then might I suggest writing about how a Krath member decieved you in some way. Speaking of competitions, remember that the Epic Competition ends at the end of this month. Be sure to get those stories in!

** -> Krathy Hook Ups <- **

Hey got some links for you all to browse. The Krath Site
Writer's Corner
Debate Competition
Location of the Debates
Epic Competition: Old Words
MT Story: Krath Deception
MT Poem: To Kill a Jedi

** -> Krath-i-ness! <- **

Let's see, crazy thing... Nope just another week. I am taking part in Saitou's Traveling Lawn Gnome thing. This'll be fun! I just got the gnome and I'm planning out some nice places to take it to and get pictures. So I guess that's the crazy thing this week is letting DBers know my name and address. A few even know my phone number ;) Ok eveyone have a great week!

Yay! The gnome is still going strong!

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