Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Evening everyone,

I know it’s somewhat late in the week for my report but I started my senior year in college this week with Cross Country camp and they’ve been keeping me fairly busy.

There’s not really that much to report this week. I would like to congratulate Xan on his work in the JA tournament. That prize will really help the clan out so way to go.

There are of course many competitions to do and I would encourage them as much as possible. Remember, the clan run-on is still moving along and the Obelisk Rite of Supremacy begins next Thursday. So we have some writing events and in a short time we’ll have some major gaming events. This should be enough to keep people active and hopefully, I’ll be able to give some cool rewards afterwards.

You may have noticed that we’ve seen some changes in the House over the last week. Uzbad is now the tetrarch of Ebon Cloak and RevengeX is the new Oathmaster. I’m still working on getting him appointed as Envoy as well but this may take some time. Now, with the resignation of Saitou from the DG tetrarch we still have a position that needs to be filled. I had contacted someone to see if they would be interested but since I assume they’re on vacation I haven’t heard a response. I think I’ve given them enough time and therefore; I am now opening applications for the Tetrarch of the Dragon Guard. All applications should come to Mune and I. Applications should include the normal stuff, I want to see a history of your service in the House or Brotherhood and plans for the next six months. I’ll leave the apps open until the end of the month to give everyone a fair shot.

No news on the Consul yet, but that will be coming along shortly. I would also like to welcome all the new members to the house in the last week: App Dav Rosen and ACO Richard de Sablé. I am sure both will have great careers here and I encourage all of you to make them feel at home.

That’s all from me. Have a great remainder of the week everyone. If you’re heading back to school of some sort good luck and I’ll report again next week.

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