Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Yes, i know its been a while, long story short, my wireless blows like chaos's mom so i got a laptop.

DB News

New consul of CSP appointed, though i have no idea how that effects us.

Obelisk Rite of Supremecy (ORoS) starts in one week!! We need to get to training guys to help clan Tal dominate that!

Tal news

Im debating whether or not to keep writting here, since duga and ben cover all this anyway

DFB News

First off, everyone welcome our newest member, Jaysen, who has already been learning the ways of Tal pwnage and gaming like a nut!


Aevin - 1 DC, 1 topaz crescent

Zhil - 1 sapphire crescent

Jaysen- 32 CFs, promoted to ACO, passed SA sith core

Personal News

Im doing an awol check because i havent seen nor heard from any of you in ages, and i want an active BT. You have untill August 30th. Again, Jaysen, great job on the activity man! Keep it up and im sure youll get some Novas for the ORoS!

Kraval Novir

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