Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

DB News

Khobai is removing some of the inactives from the GMRG, so go to the news page and make sure that your name isnt on the list. If it is, get in touch with Khobs and let him know you're alive.

Sith Wars are slated to be done in Jan/Feb of 2006, so clean up those joysticks of yours if you have any flight sims!

Tal/Dinaari News

Tons of shinies given out to those who participated. Whether it was some sweet sweet novae of just CFs for participation, everyone pulled together and did a great job for the ORoS.

DFB News

Time for the specifics on my kidos and there shinies!

Taigikori - 1 DC

Xaviar - 4 CFs

Zhil - 1 DC, 108 CFs, 1 Quartz Crescent, 1SN, 1SC

and our very own super all-star

Jaysen -376 CFs, 1 Amethyst Crescent, 1 ECF, 1SI, 1LS, 3 GN, 1 SN, 1GC

Thats not all!!!! PROMOS TOO!

Xaviar - PRT

Jaysen- GRD

Congrats to all who got kick-ass stuff for the ORoS!

Personal News

Well, I'm done with active gaming now. I'll only be teaching people how to play and to play for fun, no more competitive stuff. I noticed (and I'm sure some of you did too :P) that the competitive nature of the ORoS got to me at points and I said some crazy stuff. Anywho, I've decided to focus more of my energies on the ICTE and my envoy duties.

DJK Kraval Novir (Sith)/CMDR-EP/Dinaari of Taldryan [KSOE: ENV]

SB / GC / SC-SoP / StA-LS / DC / (GNG)(GN) / (SNB) / (BNB) / Cr-3R-7A-8S-6E-3T-4Q / CF-BlF-RF-GF-PF-SF-GoF-PlF-WF-BF-SpH / ECF / LSAg / DSS / SI / S:-1R-1Al

{SA: U:TL - U:TE - U:TA - G:LS - G:LA - G:IRC - G:IRC2 - G:ICQ - G:MSN - G:MED - O:CORE - S:CORE - S:ISET - S:ESET - S:TAC}

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