Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Commander's Crap:

Okay folks.

Note: <go do some house feud stuff. top priority>

Your Commander's life has been a bit of a drag lately, so bear with me if I am not up to my usual insane activity levels. But- I'll still be at the "slightly nutty level." Here's what I have been up to:

Four acc battles, run on posts (2), working with Muz on a saber guide update, IRC,

MB, ........ and having writer's block. plus the 2 jobs. Whew.

I had a crappy date too. Grrr.

Also, you have one day to submit to "A day in the Life of sapphire squadron."

If I can get enough beer, I'll submit tonight.

Dromund Kaas has been lagging, but it doesn't end 'til the 20th of Sept.

All in all, I am pretty pleased with you guys. remeber, if you are on IRC you are representing us all in CNS. Be cool and keep that in mind. We want to be the best- and we are.

Sapphire stats, by Fred the Besotted Seal:


Nikolai, to an activity check. Sorry man. Hate to see ya go.

Coming: one soon, I bet. And Konar is back from leave. yayy!




DJK Macron- Crescent with Amethyst star, Crescent with Sapphire star

GRD Acerbus- Crescent with Amethyst star

SBM Raidoner- Crescent with Sapphire star

JH Lucius- Cluster of Fire (3)

Shadow Academy Courses passed:


Sapphire Cultists seen on IRC: Macron, Raidoner, Acerbus,

                                                      Revenant, Malisane, Lucius  

Sapphire Cultists seen on the DB MB: Raidoner, Karimicus, Macron,

                                                  Revenant, Acerbus, Lucius, Malisane  

Sapphire Cultists seen on the CNS MB: Macron, Lucius

Known Sapphire ACC_Live battlers seen last week: none that I know of

Known Sapphire ACC battlers:

PRT Revenant (1), DJK Macron (4), PRT Garreth, SBM Raidoner (1)


Unsettled scores (TOP PRIORITY)

CNS a go go

The Barrier

A day in the Life of Sapphire Squadron

Bio Engineer-

Dromund Kaas Excursion

Quaestor's Questions

Other News:

Be sure to CC me on what you do, or drop an email so I can give you credit.

            Catch ya later, Sapphire Sith!  


DJK Macron Mandalore Goura

Envoy of House Ludo Kressh

Sith Commander of Sapphire Squadron

Instructor, Dark Jedi Meditation

Sith Alchemist


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