Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

The Day of the 27th of August

RevengeX walked outside into the bleak, cold air outside the Houses headquarters in the mountains. He shivered slightly as he pulled his robes closer around him to stop the wind from blowing it around in all directions. The Dark Jedi Knight had been caught up in his relatively new House and Envoy duties and needed some fresh air from the smell of old parchments. He looked around at the snow covering the mountains, and saw a small animal of some sort wandering around. Wanting some entertainment, he used the Force to strangle it for a couple of minutes until it ran away. So much for Animal Abuse laws...

The Rollmaster walked back into his office, 'ah, it's report time...'

Clan News:

Congrats Timbal for making it to the position of consul! All drinks are on him as is CSP Tradition.

House News:

Saitou celebrated his fifth anniversary with the DB about a week ago. w00t! Go Saitou!

If anybody has any ideas for a house competition, go make that idea into a reality as we need more competitions for this house.

Activity Report/Transfers:

A fair amount of Shadow Academy courses have been completed as well as several medals being handed out. Richard de Sable is doing a truly excellent job with those courses as is Kaylesha and Ood.



Cluster of Fire x1

Crescent with Amethyst Star (Medal on its way!)

Crescent with Topaz Star


Crescent with Quartz Star


Scroll of Indoctrination x1


Crescent with Sapphire Star (Medal on its way!)

Ood Bnar:

Crescent with Emerald Star (Medal on its way!)


Crescent with Emerald Star

Shadow Academy

Ood Bnar:

Passed IRC Channel Operators Course with a score of 93


Passed Sith Studies II: ESET with a score of 100 (very nice!)

Passed the Sith Corse with a score of 97

Richard de Sable

Passed Leadership Studies with a perfect score also (excellent!)

Passed Krath Runon with a score of 96

Passed MSN Messanger Course with a score of 89

Passed ICQ Studies with a score of 86


APP Dav Rosen:

Transferred to HAD


NOV Richard de Sable to ACO


Name That Team

This competition takes ten seconds, but it ends soon!

CSP Theme Tune

Takes maybe five to ten minutes, but ends at the end of the month.

Quemadmodum Acerbus - The Clan Runon

Even if your character isn't introduced yet, introduce him/her! It's a great way to see who's active and show others that you're active too!

[CSP] Website GFX

Any good with GFX programs? Then maybe you'll have time to whip up a website for the three different Houses to use, or maybe just one for our house.

And as always the Monthly Topics (MTs) are always available.

That concludes this week's report I would like to be able to write more in the Activity section, even though there was a fair haul this week.


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