Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Greeting House Bane,

Its been one week for me in Bane and one week as your new Aedile. Of course as mentioned dozens of times, my main goal for this house is to revive the activity rate in the House. As mentioned by various people in the Clan is that since the merger of Satal Keto and Exar Kun there has been a slump in the activity rate. And in the Morale. Now I can't say that I agreed with the merger in the beginning stages. But with it we came from a small dwindling Clan to one of the strongest. Then after the merger we became a machine of power. We dominated the IG's and I know our clan will triumph in the upcoming RoS. All I am saying is that this is our House and that we have to take pride in it. We have to take command of it, it's eqach and everyone of you're duty to make it great.

Awol Check-

Okay this is where I see a very low activity rate. For those that don't know (And should). There is an Awol Check being conducted right now. This is EXTREMELY important. The task is for each and every single member is to send in their ID line and dossier number to me (You're Aedile) and the Proconsul (Esca).

Here is an example of the ID line:

DJK Drodik Va'lence al'Tor (Obelisk)/AED/Bane of Plagueis

or you can send in your complete ID line:

DJK Drodik Va'lence al'Tor (Obelisk)/AED/Bane of Plagueis [ACC: SKR]

Cr-1E / CF


Please send in your ID line. Or you may risk being deactivated and removed from the roster and being put under Rogue. This is extremely important as I would hate to lose any members in the House.

New Members:

(6355) Nov Crelos Velkar- Welcome Crelos to Bane. It's always good to see new members.

Crelos is my real life brother. He just left the EH and I recruited him into the DB.

Awards- Not that many to announce but I would like to see more. So here they are.

JH Thran Occasus- Earned 1 Cluster of Fire. Good Job!

GRD Ashura Megos- Earned 19 Cluster's of Fire. Awesome!

GRD Tulkar Ras-Kyr- Earned 4 Clusters of Fire. Nice Job!

SA Courses- For newer members the Shadow Academy is predominately the best way to be elevated in rank for lower members up to Protector.

Nov Crelos Velkar- Test of Lore and ACC Initiates Course

DJK Drodik Va'lence al'Tor- ISET an ESET courses passed.

Promotions and Transfers-

Nov Crelos Velkar- Promoted to Novice and transfered to House Bane from Exar Kun.

GRD Tulkar Ras-Kyr- Transfered from Exar Kun to Bane. And joined the Heretics of Bane Battleteam. As well as transfered to the order of the Obelisk.

Competitions- Check these places out so you canearbn some shineys and so I can have some more substance in my reports.

House Bane Competitions

Poetic License-

Know it all-

Bane Caption-

[HB] After a Long Day!-

Clan Competitions

[CP] The Fleet of Shadows-

[CP] Fleet Motto-

[CP BT] Decorate the CON’s office- (This is a Battle Team competition.)

Dark Brotherhood Competitions

A Very Jaccy Theme Song-


Internet Relay Chat. You've heard all about it, But what is it. IRC is a chatting network that allows for you to communicate with your fellow clanmates and other DB members. So how do I get it? you can install mIRC off of their web page at:

or you can use it off the Undernet webpage by Cservice or at: . If you decide you want mIRC but think you're computer would run slow because of it, don't worry. It's a small download and you wont be sorry you downloaded it. IRC is very important. Remember that the Undernet page is a non downloadable page while with mIRC you have to download.

Closing words-

Well thank you all, this has been my first week as your new Aedile and my first week in Bane. Lets make next week twice as active. I hope my first report EVER is sufficient enough for you all. But I don't have any graphics. Oh well and might I add one more thing. I will try to produce for you all a report every Tuesday morning . Goodbye and Farewell!

DJK Drodik Va'lence al'Tor

Aedile of Bane

House Bane of Exar Kun

Order of the Obelisk

Seeker of the Antei Combat Centre

Supreme Advocate of Va'lence

First Knight of Plagueis

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