Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

*--= Opening =-- *

Dun dun dssh Dun dun dssh… we will we will rock them! Woo it’s that time of year. Another Rite of Supremacy is almost upon us and once again we will have to put on our shiny, ass-kicking boots on and go out there and show those other Clans just why we are the #1 clan in the Brotherhood. From the bits and pieces of information I’ve collected it will of course be strongly MP-based, so lot’s of JO, JA, RC and BF and perhaps a few other things. But! There will also be an ACC section for all you non-gamers to help chip in. I’m sure more details will be released soon… As far as I know the RoS is still set to start on September 1st.

A couple of the Clans seem to be having leadership turnover (well duh, they suck) Anyways. Arcona has a new CON, PCON and an assload of random new QUAs and AEDs. All in all it doesn’t affect us very much. CSP also just got a new CON. So uhh, congrats to those people and may their clans not suffer horribly.

*--= Clan News =-- *

Congratulations to ACO Jaysen on dominating this last ICTE and taking his first ICTE All-Star, 29 CFs and a Cr-A. Nice work, Jaysen.

So Kir has been to hell this last week and is struggling to get back to normal. I believe he’ll be sending out some emails or something Wednesday night when he has the chance. Poor bastard just moved in with his girlfriend (who he hasn’t recruited to the DB) and started school and etc. And since he sucked to begin with I can only imagine how he’s dealing with all this stuff. So, please, try to be patient with him :P

The cool Clan RO has lost its direction somewhat. As soon as I find time I’ll try to set things back up properly so we can conclude it and start awarding people for their participation. Will also signal the end of Clan-run things until post RoS – We gottsta win.

The other day QUA Benevolent emailed the Clan with a new Tal site feature – a Member History Archive. If you wish to write, or have already written a background story to your DB character and want to have it archived and viewable by all, email it to Ben and he’ll get it up there. A few people already have theirs up and I’m currently working on my own. Check it out - -

Duga came in second place in the JA Bracket Tournament earning the Clan 3 AT-STs. Overall, Tal took second in the JA brackets and first through third (and probably more) in the JO brackets. Congrats to everyone who participated.

*--= Dinaari News =-- *

This is your time to shine guys. This RoS is exactly the kind of thing you work towards when pwning those Gaming Nights, ICTEs and Sunday Tournaments. For you younger members this is the perfect time to rake in some rare medals and get in a lot of activity to get promotions and some merit awards.

I believe Duga is still running his ‘Quartz for Dinaari’ competition in his bi-weekly reports. Make sure to read them to get yourself one of the harder to earn crescents.

*--= Ektrosis News =-- *

Seems I’m going to have to give DS and Chaos a talking to for their lack of reports. Not sure what Ekky is up to at the moment, but I do know there will be some ACC stuff for you guys to do in the upcoming RoS.

Speaking of ACC, I also here that Telona is going to be running some sort of ACC Competition during the RoS so people can keep writing. More info on that when I get it.

*--= Current Competitions =-- *

Tuesday MP Night – All day in #gmrg, report on

Thursday MP Night – All day in #gmrg, report on

Saturday ICTE – 4pm EST until whenever. Anything goes; sign up via bot and report scores on IRC.

Sunday Bi-Weekly Tournament – All day in #gmrg, you have to have played prior to this to be qualified. Anything goes. Report on - Prologue to the Obelisk Rite of Supremacy scheduled to start September 1st.

Clan Training Op 3.08 – A Clan training RO that has a decidedly more military feel rather than the normal Jedi stuff. Think commanding troops in the Clone Wars, that kind of thing. If you haven’t been following the story you might have a bit to read, but it’s well worth it. - -

*--= Project Updates =-- *

I’ll soon be working on a somewhat DB-wide Project that I’ve taken to calling the “Idiot-Proof Match Reporting System. It will basically replace the current way we handle the gaming, reporting and rewarding of MP matches in the Brotherhood. Pyralis and I will probably begin work on that in the next few weeks.

Some members send Kir and I all sorts of ideas from time to time and we go through and pick them a part seeing if we can find something we like/can use. A few of these are things we’ll be working on in the near future. Hopefully I’ll have more information on that next time.

My current pet project is writing my character’s history. But, I’ve taken a slightly different approach. Instead of writing a basic plot summary of the entire life of my character I’m “recording” major events of my life in a Holocron in story format. In that way I can pick and choose different events my character has gone through and write a cool adventurous story about it. Right now I’m working on the first, which is how I came to discover the Brotherhood in the first place. Hopefully I’ll have this first one done and up on the History Archive thing soon.

*--= Proconsul’s Corner =-- *

Hm… Don’t have all that much to say here for this week. I sure am glad that I’m in Taldryan and not one of those other clans. Just being in a few of their channels for a day was horrifying. Not sure how some people can stand that, but to each their own I guess.

Get ready to rock the RoS. Most of you will remember how much Kir and I like to push people in vendettas. So I’ll apologize now. Just remember, when Kir is all giddy about us winning he likes to hand medals out like candy. Best give it your all and you’ll probably walk away with something shiny.

*--= Important Links =-- *

Dark Brotherhood Website:

Taldryan Website:

Taldryan MB:

Dinaari Website:

Dinaari MB:

Ektrosis Website:

Ektrosis MB:

Old Reports:


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