Combat Master Report


Combat Master Report

This is just an interim report to let you (those who read the CM's garbage :P) know about the aforementioned competition in the ACC for the month of September.

It specifically involves ACCLive!

The ACCLive! September Jamboree

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for the month of September you can play ACCLive! for CF's. The overall accumulator of said Clusters will also receive an ACC Armory Weapon (read the forum post) for use in the ACC. This is primarily because, as most players know, part of an ACCLive! match is finding a judge to run it, hence - the 'extra' award for the winner. The staff has resolved to do the best they can to help you out and now there are 2 ACCLive! Judges (Uzbad and RevengeX) who's primary concern are your battles.

DB Competition URL:


  • DO NOT report scores after your matches!!!

-- I will tally scores at the end of the competition and disseminate the CF's then.

If you are found reporting for ANY ACCLive! match for the month of September, there'll be issues which could possibly result in suspension from the ACC, reduction to INI and your win/loss dropped to zero (worst case scenario :P)

  • There is NO Gaming Night (Tues, Thurs, Sun) ACCLive! for the month of September (or until the ORoS lifts the 'cancellation').

  • "Non-Tourney" Sundays is listed in the competition specifics - nix that! No Sundays for the September Jamboree!!!

It starts tomorrow!

If you have ANY questions, please ask.

Thanks for your time.

DA Dalthid

yep - I guess it is

This is an interim report explaining the ACCLive! September Jamboree.

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