Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

** -> Special Krath Type Announcements <- **

The staff and I are currently working on creating a much more complete history of the Krath. It's been slow going because information is scattered but it's coming along nicely. The Armed Hostilities Hall will be open for challenges starting Sunday at 12:01 am EST. Challenges will end Wednesday at 11:59 pm EST and participants will have until Saturday at 11:59 pm EST to finish up their battles. Please, if you participate, be aware of this timeframe and respect your opponent by being quick to post. If you know you can't do a 4+2 battle in a week's time then don't challenge or accept a challenge. I hate to have to put up a time limit for posts. :P

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New MTs are out. Yup I kept things simple this month so people can concentrate on the ORoS. I highly encourage people to have fun with that. Anyways the poem topic is Amulet of Power and the story topic is Ghosts. Ok I'm suppose to be on LoA for the weekend so I'll get off here now :)

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Hey got some links for you all to browse. The Krath Site
Writer's Corner
Debate Competition
Location of the Debates
MT Story: Ghosts
MT Poem: Amulet of Power

** -> Krath-i-ness! <- **

I'd like to thank the folks overseas for sending aid to the hurricane areas. I've seen the supplies that have been coming through and it touches my heart. I've really nothing else to say about what has happened besides I wish I had taken that trip down to the Big Easy.

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