Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

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I've finally gone through all the entries for the Old Words competition. There were quite a bit submitted and I'm pleased with the results. All the stories were very good and it was difficult for me to judge them. Here are the results: 1st - Arania & Cyris for their in-depth and well thought out story<p>2nd - Diablos for his well thought out story<p>3rd - Uzbad, Ashura, & Virulence for their interesting story that flowed well<p>Those who did not place are more than welcome to ask for their story to be made available to the Writer's Corner. I'll get medals out as soon as I can.

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I'll be gone on a small trip to St. Louis Friday thru Monday and will more than likely not have internet access. I'm suppose to get away from everything so I can rest and enjoy myself or else I'll go crazy. Heh, ok so no I won't go crazy. I'll get the next round of the Debate out once I get back. Big congrats to those who have made it to the fourth round. I'll try to have some interesting topics of debate and I'll definitely make a news posting so keep an eye out!

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Hey got some links for you all to browse.<p>The Krath Site
Writer's Corner
Debate Competition
Location of the Debates
MT Story: Ghosts
MT Poem: Amulet of Power

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Heh, I'd like to say that people in America need to learn how to spell hurricane. It's not hurracane, hurricain, or hurricaine. I get to see these misspellings all the time and it's both humorous and sad. I hope we never turn to calling these storms typhoons because I can just imagine the misspellings for that one. Ok I'm done, everyone enjoy my time away :)</p></p></p></p>

Typhoons only occur in the Pacific. :)

But they have hurricane's in Portland you know, bad ones.

My town got hit by a titphone :(

I know but someone might come along at some point in time and change the name. :)

WOW...3rd place, thats bloody awesome :D

hahahahaha lol @ Siya

w00t For the Old Words winners!

And I have decided to rename large storms: Hurrysphoons.

What's wrong with hurrycanes?

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