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Sith High Warrior Report



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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Important...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA">


I had a couple of people ask me why I don't do reports anymore. For those of you who found yourselves wondering that, as well, it's actually pretty simple. Nobody was really reading my reports, anyways. I'd be sitting in #db or whatnot, talking to people, and I'd mention something in a report as if it were commonplace, and I'd get responses like, "Wait, where did you see that? I've never seen that mentioned anywhere." "I mentioned it in my latest report two days ago." "Oh... that's why. I never read yoru reports."

So, instead of wasting my time on reports, I started making more news posts. Maybe you've seen them, maybe you haven't. As something happened that was notable, I'd just make a news post about it whenever necessary. I figured, hey, there's no point to doing up a report no one is reading, if I can relay the same information in other news posts that people -might- read. However, I've had people ask me if I'll start making reports again. So here's the deal. I promise to make reports as long as people promise to read them. I'll take the time to gather all the noteworthy news in one place for you, if you promise to make my effort worthwhile.

Sound good to you?

By the way. is up and running. Some content up, some not. Go check it out.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Not...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA">

What's not important, yet, is Battlefront 2. But it will be, I think. I remember the hype about Battlefront that ended up being just that -- hype. Battlefront was made poorly, but after a couple patches, it's become a decent game. Battlefront 2 is supposedly going to build upon that, and be even better. Personally, I enjoyed the SP portions of Battlefront; it was the MP portions that really downplayed the enjoyment of that game, I think. There wasn't enough difference, and it was just like SP, except with a few more "live players" involved in the mix.

Personally, I'm hoping that Battlefront 2 will really make an impact upon Star Wars gaming, much as the Jedi Knight games did. This is "not important" at the moment, because it's still 44 days away. However, when Episode 3 comes out on DVD, Battlefront 2 is slated for release, as well. You can get them both at the same time, if you want. Or, because Christmas season will be coming after that, you can ask Santa Claus for it. Either way, I'm hoping people will get interested in this game. If it goes well, I'll definitely put it into Sith War 2006.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Interesting...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA">

Rumors abound. I think that's what's interesting. People have all sorts of ideas about "what I'm doing," and "what I'm not doing," and "what I should be doing." I keep my projects on the low-down generally because I don't like giving out information about things that are still in "rough drafts," and "subject to change" and the like. I don't want to put any information out that may cause any reaction, because it could be changed, it could be taken out, it could be taken in the wrong conext, etc. And the funniest thing is, people somehow listen to the rumormill, and consider that fact.

Don't pay attention to hearsay. If you have questions, or "heard something you want to ask about," drop me an email. Believe it or not, I try to maintain a 12-24 hour turn-around time, and I'm actually very approachable. Sometimes, I'm a giant asshole, but not via email. Typically, if I'm in a bad mood, it's been a bad day, and I try and limit contact with anybody and everybody, whether online or offline. But the fact is, if you're hearing stuff, unless you hear it from my mouth, or from Jac's mouth, or from the genie in the magic mirror who is omniscient, it's not true.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Happening...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA">

I'm currently working on several projects, which I'll go over roughly at this time. Normally I wouldn't, but apparently there's rumors going around that I stopped doing anything for the Order, that I'm only working on stuff for the other Orders, and that I'm doing Rebirth junk for Jac to try and get promoted and awards out the wazoo. Just FYI, the last two promotions I got haven't come from Jac, I'm a DJM, and honestly, the chance of DP isn't going to come for another 1-3 years. In addition, I'm not a medal junkie; go look at my history, and see what I've gotten for my work as SHW for the last year. I accept "thank you's" as rewards more often than medals. They mean a little more to me. So, here we go. This is the complete, official list of everything I am working on:

1) Sith Core revamped. The heading for this "project" could be the "Sith Order studies revamped," but we haven't gone full-bore into it yet. At this point, we're just redoing the Core test, and will later add in more. All the current "Sith tests" will no longer be Sith tests; Jac actually had a really good idea for all the current Order studies, and I think they'll all be tweaked in that fashion.

2) Sith War 2006. To be released Jan/Feb of 2006. Hence the name, Sith War 2006.

3) SHW handbook. Basically, a "how-to" guide for the position, just like Jac asked for all positions. I didn't want mine to be like the others, so I had to take some brainstorming time for it. It's nearly done, and should be fairly unique, I hope.

4) Sith Order Powers "base" school. I'm planning to release this about the same time as Sith War 2006, maybe as a part of the War. We'll see.

5) Allegiance Tournament. I would still like to have an Allegiance Tournament, with no less than a Nebulon-B up for grabs for the winning Clan. I want this to be a Clan event, so I've been delaying it in the hopes that every Clan will be able to find the motivation, and put together a team for it. I won't delay it too much longer, though, so if you snooze, you lose. Clans who are prepared will be able to be a part of this, and earn that Frigate (or greater, perhaps), along with fighters, and maybe some other stuff. We'll see.

And that's it, for now. You'll notice, no Rebirth bullshit, nothing that isn't "for the Sith," with the possible exception of the Allegiance Tournament, but that's for everybody. As far as rumors, if it's not on that list, I'm not doing it, plain and simple.

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<font color="#FFD700"> Anything Else...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA">

November 1st is the release date for Episode 3 and Battlefront 2. Mark it on your calendars.

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<font color="#FFD700"> To Wrap it up...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA">

I'm doing stuff, but I'm doing my own stuff, not Jac's Rebirth shit, not stuff for the other Orders. Reports went buh-bye for a bit because they became useless. You want 'em, you got 'em, as long as you read 'em. Some projects are almost done, others aren't. Clans putting motivation and effort into Allegiance will find their efforts paying off. Others who don't "see the point," or who don't feel it's "worth their time" will be executed without prejudice. Oh yeah. And, for those who saw the news post, is up and running. Go check it out.

&nbap; Have a wonderful weekend. Kick some ass in the ORoS. :)

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Dark Jedi Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae</font>

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High Warrior of the Sith

The Ghost Dragon

Bearer of the infinite Kick assness

Wielder of the holy keg of f**k you


What can I say?

I'm going to read your reports from now on, Blood.

w00t for BF2.


Yay BF reports.

And I read the whole thing.

reports = goodness

read it too....

if any of you are interested in being a Beta Tester for Battlefront 2...

there are LIMITED signups left I believe at this website:

enjoy... i'm already beta testing it and I think Lucasarts is trying to replace the other games... Like replace JO/JA, BF, XvT/XWA and basically put it smash into one game...

so far from what i've played... it's well on it's way to doing so.

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