Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report



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 [To Wrap It Up...](#twiu)  

<font color="#FFD700"> What's Important...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> The biggest thing I've seen that's important this week is something that Khobai brought up, and posted about -- The Star Wars mod for Allegiance. Mod, Total Conversion, whatever you want to call it. Check Khobai's post about it here. Personally, I think what we see so far is pretty sweet, and will only get better. Raidoner made a post about how it would be nice to see TIEs in there; just as a note, I would expect to see a lot more than what ships we can currently see. They won't show off everything, and they also won't show off things that haven't been created, or skinned, or whatever. So, if you're of the impression that what Khobai posted is all there is, just wait. I have no doubts that they'll be adding more if and when they can.

Another item of importance is the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode III, which is also the same day of release for Star Wars: Battlefront 2. November 1st, people. Be ready for it. Jac is trying to set something up for member donations, so we can try to get a BF2 server on. If you feel like donating, you feel like emailing Jac to see how you can assist. ;) I would encourage anyone and everyone who can to help out. More game servers means more opportunities to play, and to recruit. They're a good way to draw people in, and get them involved. Also, for those who are worried about BF2, as it compares to Battlefront (the previous release), don't worry. They're making it sooooo much better, it's really no comparison. Like I say, November 1st is the release date. Be prepared.

I'd also like to point out, in this current time of hurricanes, when Katrina has just hit, followed by Rita, and peoples' lives are being tossed about in chaos and confusion, please remember the members, their families, and everyone affected by these disasters. If you know of people who are in these areas, try and be patient with them. Keep contact if you can, but remember, their first priority is life, family, and survival. Try and keep that in mind for anyone going through disasters, or personal struggles. Telling people who are trying to figure out where they're going to sleep, that they need to be "active, or get kicked out" probably isn't the best way to handle things. I haven't heard any complaints or anything about this, but I'd just like everyone to keep that in mind for current times, and future times of disaster.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Not...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> The current Sith Order studies at the Shadow Academy; that's what's not important. And I'll tell you why. Those are representative of old stereotypes and practices, and we're under the process of redoing them all. The current tests therein will likely be transferred to a "General" course of study, with new tests for the Sith Order coming along. First and foremost is the Sith Core. The "notes" for this is about 95% done; all that's left is the final edit, which Donitz volunteered to do. I have turned it over to him, and when he gets all the tweaks on it and such, it'll be released. I'll still have to create the actual "test," but that won't be too hard.

Just in honorable mention, forget about the old tests where you could copy and paste; some of the questions will be similar in that respects, but some of these tests will be designed to make you think, and to give your own opinion. Part of who and what we are is our opinion; we are what we think we are. We will be who we want to be. I'm going to try and encourage this in the Order Studies, and in a lot of things around the Order. Be active, be a part, be whatever kind of Sith you want to be. Just don't be something you think you have to be. Your existence depends upon your creativity; especially in a club where you can be anything you imagine.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Interesting...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> This may have no bearing upon the Brotherhood, but personally, I think the DB gets a little too insular sometimes. One of the things I've been doing lately is playing X-Men Legends II: Rise of the Apocalypse. Pretty tight game, if you ask me. If you're into mutants and mayhem, and if you like a game with a rolepaying-style twist, this one is good. I've also played The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. You can literally beat the shit out of nearly everything in that game. If you like to smash stuff up, and if your idea of fun involves the phrase "HULK SMASH!", then this is the game for you. Pretty fun. I also finally took a spin on Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (all on PS2, mind you), and that game has some merit. It's a little too linear for me, since it doesn't offer any alternate storylines (for the most part). It does change up the movie a bit (so that it wouldn't spoil the surprise and such), so it's not that bad. I think the best part is being evil, Dark Side Anakin with Force Lightning, and getting to fry Mace Windu, and Obi-Wan, and pretty much anything you like. The alternate ending for Mission 17 was awesome; definitely how I'd rather have had things end up. Too bad it had to fit with EPisode IV. Oh well.

back to the top</font>

<font color="#FFD700"> What's Happening...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> The Obelisk RoS is still on. I've had people ask me why I'm not running any "Sith competitions." Personally, I just don't like overloading people. We've also had discussions in the past among the Dark Council and Clan Summits, and we (as the DC) were asked not to run too many competitions right after another, so that Clans have breathing room, and time to run their own things. With the RoS on, and the regular writing stuff, I figured that was enough. Shadow even halted the regular gaming nights and Sunday Tournaments to give people time to focus on the RoS. So as long as that is proceeding, please, get out and help your Clans with that. Kick some ass, fight the good fight, be Superman. Yes, Superman. Or Batman if you prefer.

back to the top.</font>

<font color="#FFD700"> Anything Else...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Kaek continues to post about families needing "representatives" and shit. Just in mention, if you're in a family, and your family has no "representative," send Kaek an email that simply says "ha ha!" al la Nelson from "The Simpsons." Kaek hates disorder. Personally, I find it funny when he trips out about the chaos and such of families, and rolls, and promotions, and medals, and everything else.

back to the top</font>

<font color="#FFD700"> To Wrap it up...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> November 1st; mark it on your calendars, people. Sith Order studies -- scheduled for massive changes, and pretty much a complete overhaul (over time). Play games. Write stories. Have fun. Especially if you're playing non-Star Wars stuff in a while. Give yourselves a break. And finally, remember to be Nelson, and laugh at Kaek. Show him some love.

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<font color="#EE0000"> Dark Jedi Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae</font> <font color="#FFFAFA">

The Ghost Dragon

High Warrior of the Sith

Bearer of the infinite Kick assness

Wielder of the holy keg of f**k you </font>

"Also, for those who are worried about BF2, as it compares to Battlefront (the previous release), don't worry. They're making it sooooo much better, it's really no comparison. Like I say, November 1st is the release date. Be prepared."

Having played a couple of matches on the beta I'm glad to say that statement definately is true. BF2 is loads better than BF1, especially the space combat which has lots of new additions. It also looks like you can turn off the AI bots for all those people who complained about matches being too based on the computer players.

More to come as I discover it :P

PS: playing as boba fett pwnz

You suck BF :P


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