Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

RevengeX sullenly looked up at his dormitory's roof from his bed. He was inexplicably tired from doing so much in such a short period of time. Sighing, the Priest used the Force to pick up a large box and set it on his bed. Revenge then used the Force again to pick up several large items and put them in the box. RevengeX wasn't sure of what he was doing, but he just needed a little break. Once he had packed away many of the items lying around his room, he put the box back in a small, dingy closet. Sighing once more, the Krath dragged his feet to his desk and began to write his report...

Clan News:

Braecen is back! Hideki came back last week, so maybe a few of our more inactive members will be active! If you don't know who Braecen is, he was a former Aedile of HAD and disappeared suddenly, so we're all glad to have him back. One of our houses, either HDS or HC will have to disappear soon... good thing HAD doesn't!

House News:

Well, nothing much is going on right now that hasn't been stated in Clan News...

Activity Report/Transfers:



Seals of Conquest x1


Seals of Conquest x2


Seals of Conquest x1


Seals of Conquest x9

Dark Cross x1

Scroll of Indoctrination x2

Arania: Seals of Conquest x19

Mune: Seals of Conquest x3

Impetus: Seals of Conquest x2

Kschamehellan: Seals of Conquest x1

Congratulations to everyone who received a Seal of Conquest. As always, if I forgot to mention something and you want to see it in my next report, email me personally and tell me your Jedi name and what medal/course you got/did.



No details about this competiton yet until it starts on 11/5/2005!

Custom weapon

Design your own custom weapon in writing.

Halloween Song

Make songs 'Halloweeny'!

Mission Impossible 2

This competition is still running in the ACC.

Krathish Karvings, Obeliskian Ornaments, Sithy Shtuff

Halloween decorations!

Blade of Palpatine

Send a list of the games you play to Phoenix!

The Fun of Halloween

Five events in one competition = five in one

Most of these competitions end on Halloween (October 31), so start sending in entries. Halloween is for everyone, because no one can pass on free candy (well, almost everyone...)! So, depending on who you are, you might want to buy a costume or buy candy to hand out to the people who scream 'Trick or Treat' on your porch. Happy Halloween everybody.


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