Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Really...really...late report, I know. But, I've been busy all weekend for the past couple of weeks, and didn't have the chance to get online to get this out. So, I appologize for that.

Not a whole lot of happenings within the BT this week, but there's quite a bit going on in the Clan and House, and a few comps to do for the DB as a whole. So, let's get to the report, shall we?


-Crescent with Sapphire Star and Dark Cross awarded to DJK Jaysun Adumarii

-Seal of Conquest awarded to KAP Jason Hunter

SA Courses:

--Jaysun Adumarii passed Conflict Mediation and the Advanced Test of Wisdom. Good work!




--DJK Xen'Culo Harzirto has changed his name to Xen'Culo Apophis Entar


-Not sure if it's still running at this point, but hop on over to the House message board. Sarin's running the second half of his comp, and it's a run-on. Last I looked at it, not a whole lot of people have, go over there, and show them that Satal's Wisdom is a waste of space!

-There's an ACC comp open for anyone of the rank of Seeker and above. Find a partner, and go post in this fun comp! The purprose is, apparently, to clean the Combat Master, so that he doesn't stink anymore...anyways, here's the URL:

-There's a 25 hour ICTE going on this weekend, in celebration of Halloween. URL:

-Mission Impossible II is still going on. Another ACC comp, that requires a partner. URL:

Well, that about does it for this report. Lot's of stuff for us to do to keep active, which leads to promotions and medals. All the fun, shiny stuff that we all enjoy so much. So, get out there and do a comp or two, or three, or eight! And two of three of the above mentioned comps are right up our alley...writing and ACC! So, there should be no reason why you're not out there participating!

Also, I need help with some graphics stuff for the Team. I'm looking for someone that can make a banner, and maybe some other stuff that I can put on the website when I make it, like a crest...or something along those lines. Also, as I mentioned earlier, if you don't like the name of the Team or the motto or anything like that, let me know, and I'll run a comp or two to choose the new one(s).

And, that's all.

Until next week...

KAP Jason Hunter (Krath)/TET/Satal Keto of Plagueis [ACC: CBT]

SC / StA / DC-LC / (BNB) / Cr-3R-3A-3S-2E-4T-1Q / CF / DSS-QK-QL / S:-1M  



--Proud Wing V Vet! WC's OWN: MAR 2001, SEPT 2001

Wing V, The Hammer's Hellfighters: Winner, TIE Corps Commander's Award --

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