Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report



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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Important...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> I can honestly say, the lateness of my report can be directly attributed to the completion of my report. Yep, it's finally done. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, I have several school projects going on. One of them was a report for my EMT-Intermediate class, which was a broad assignment for us; we just had to write on any EMS-related subject. I chose to write about 9/11. It had to be 20-25 pages of text, and I finished with 22 pages of text, 25 including my title page, table of contents and works cited page. Not bad for a SHW-type, right? In any event, I'm actually pretty satisfied with the paper, and I hope my instructors will be, too. It's due in class tomorrow, so I'm done with plenty of time to spare to let it sit for a few hours, then go back for a final proof, edit, stuff like that.

In other news, Goat just made note of some interesting stuff. For those book junkies, there's a new book about Darth Vader. Go Darkies, right? Goat put up a pretty impressive post, including some info written about the book itself. I've never been much on Star Wars books, but that one does sound fairly decent. He also made mention that the New Essential Chronolgy is out, which, again, is pretty cool. It's all just more Star Wars stuff in the end, and every true Star Wars geek needs no other reason to get stuff beyond that fact that it is "Star Wars stuff," right? I'm sure Goat would agree to that; he is our resident king of the Star Wars geeks, after all. And no, that's not being mean; Goat's good at what he does. What he does just happens to be Star Wars geek stuff. Heh.

Also extremely important: it's Halloween! If you don't celebrate Halloween, it's ok. You can still be stoked that Halloween is today. That means for millions of little grubby children that it's time to dress up as some sort of pagan ritual and go out and mob homes across their neighborhoods for as much candy as their dirty little hands can take it. For others, it means a time of flaming bags of dog poop, shaving the neighbor's cats, and other acts of ill-spirited mischief that can get you fined and/or arrested if you're caught. My advice? Don't do it. If you do it, don't get caught. And for pete's sake, don't do anything that involves ritual sacrifice of cats and dogs you sick freaks. I get sick and tired of hearing about cats and dogs that get hung from trees and fences, or mutilated in back alleys. Get a clue. Shaving a cat bald is one thing; killing a cat and spreading its intestines out across the street for a little kid to find is a complete other subject, and shouldn't even be breached. Remeber kids, good, clean fun, or I'm going to ask Oberst to personally hunt you down and feel your colon from the inside. Yup, his fist, your ass. Go have fun, but don't participate in any of the bullshit that happens.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Not...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> I can't really think of anything going on that's noteworthy, while being unimportant. Except for Shadow. And Kir. And their lovechild. Apparently Shadow gave birth to an eight pound ass-baby. We'd like to congratulate the loving couple.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Interesting...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> The Sith War is coming. Remember, if you do missions, I'll be looking to talk to you. I need to email Dagger personally, and see if he has any interest in doing an SP mission for JO/JA. If not, if anyone knows of a place to download SP missions for those, get in touch with me, please. It's like I've said before, I want to incoporate as many games as I can into the Sith War, to allow for maximum opportunities. And yes, writing will be involved, also. I want it to be the kind of competition everyone can take an equal part in. And remember kids, it'll start in either January or February of 2006. That means after November, and December, then comes January and February. As things get closer, I'll give a more exact date, but right now, that's all I'm saying. You have at least two months to prepare yoru Clans and Houses. I hope you take advantage of that.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Happening...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Battlefront II! Battlefront 2! Battlefront Two! Battlefront 1+1! Battlefront square root of four! Battlefront [whatever else you want to put here that equals two]! And yes, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, too! They come out tomorrow, kiddies. Do you have your copy? Liars, you do not. Yet. But if you're smart, you will have them tomorrow. Get with it!

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<font color="#FFD700"> Anything Else...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Gifts for the ass-baby Taldrya-Katarn (I'm not sure if they've picked a name yet) can be sent to my office, or forwarded to the Taldrya-Katarn home. And if you feel like sending a smack and a "WTFxX0rz!?!?" to the loving couple, please, smack Yacks, and tell him to share the "WTF" with the loving couple. Do not hit the baby. At least, we think it's a baby. More news on that later.

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<font color="#FFD700"> To Wrap it up...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Remember kids, Halloween, have fun, eat candy, be a nuisance to your parents. The Sith War is still coming, and tomorrow is a big day for Star Wars geeks who will admit to it. Also remember, after I get Battlefront II and play through it, I will be posting a review for those who want to hear about the game first. I'll likely post about it this weekend, so keep an eye here, and on the message boards. Other than that, go, have fun, be pagans. But remember: do anything that I don't like, Oberst's fist will be looking to move in next to your small intestine.

Have a good week, and have a fun night people.

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<font color="#EE0000"> Dark Jedi Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae</font> <font color="#FFFAFA">

The Ghost Dragon

Sith High Warrior

Bearer of the infinite Kick assness

Wielder of the holy keg of f**k you </font>

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