Krath High Priestess Report


Krath High Priestess Report

** -> Special Krath Type Announcements <- **

The Armed Hostilities Hall will be open at 12:01 am EST. Remember that all participants will have a lightsaber and a cryoban grenade as weapons. Sweet for those below DJK :) Did you know that participating in the Armed Hostilities may net you a CF? Yup and a win/loss does not add to your count on your character sheet :) So that means you can have three battles, loose every single one, get a CF, and not have those losses added to your character sheet. I love Vendetta halls :) Anyways, everyone at Seeker level has until 11:59 pm EST Tuesday to challenge up to three people. Have fun!

** -> Krath News <- **
The Halloween competition is over and results were out a few days ago. There's new MTs out and those were announced in that same little news clip. If you've not heard, you can get double CFs for every win in the ACCLive! :) Now that is most awesome. I encourage everyone to rack up some CFs that way. Hey those don't count towards your win/loss record either! You all can make out like bandits here so take advantage. It's also a good way to get in some practice with the ACC if you are unsure about your own skills and hey if you loose no biggie you'll get two CFs for every two losses.

** -> Krathy Hook Ups <- **

Hey got some links for you all to browse.

The Krath Site
Writer's Corner
Armed Hostilities
Story MT: Darkness Within
Poem MT: Ode to Power

Krathy Challenge!

Yes all you Krath type people have been challenged! Your task is to get active in the ACC and ACCLive! Both are great ways to improve your writing skills and show off those skills to others. The ACCLive! is great for CFs and the regular ACC battles are great for improving your ACC rank. If the ACCLive! is too fast paced for you I suggest the Armed Hostilites ;)

** -> The Krath-i-ness of my Life <- **

Yeah so I'm sick. I'm behind in getting things done. Sorry if you are waiting on me to do stuff. I started getting this bug Wed. after a co-worker came in with it. I also worked 40+ hours this week (no breaks for lunch or anything else mind you) and that didn't help. Needless to say I'm tired and I don't feel good. I'll get over it here in the next few days but until then consider me down for the count.

Get better soon Lonnie.

Get well hun - Don't need to be sick before Winter hits us! p.s. If you need any help with grunt tasks, let me know!

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