Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report



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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Important...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> For those of you who haven't seen yet, I finished my review period of Battlefront II, and posted my thoughts on the message boards. I even added in some screenshots of the first few missions. I'd encourage everyone to read it over, and if you're played Battlefront II, and would like to add your own comments, please, feel free. The threat is located at (right there). I plan on continuing to play Battlefront II, and I'm also going to try and utilize it in the Sith War, along with Allegiance and the other games, simply because I think so highly of it. Take that as a piece of advice, if you so choose.

Along with playing the game and enjoying it, it's made me think of a few things. I think the biggest drawback to Battlefront is going to be the price, since it's so new. I would like to encourage people to look into it, maybe for Christmas presents or some such, but I don't think everyone should have to get it right up front. We need to make sure we're not forgetting that this Club isn't made of money, nor are the majority of the members within. And I'm not sure where I'm really going with this, but even as much as I'd like to see this game promoted, we can't force it on everyone. Some people won't like it for the price tag, some people won't like it for the game itself. There is always Allegiance, which many people enjoy, and it's something I'd like to see promoted.

The best thing about Allegiance is, it's free. There may be some hiccups along the way of getting into the game, but it's another great game, and I would encourage people to get into it. is the website to download Allegiance from. Yeah, it's absolutely free. It's about 49 MB to download, and is MP-specific, but it doesn't cost anything to buy or play, and if you like flying, this game is done really well.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Not...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> I just wanted to make mention of something. I think people need to remember, there is an opportunity for everyone to develop themselves fictionally, as well as to develop friendships and alliances. Some people don't like writing, others don't have the knack for it. Some people don't like writing simply because they feel like they don't have the proper ability. Even for the people who don't like writing, the Dark Brotherhood is a Club with deep fictional aspects; we're all pretending to be Dark Jedi, and that's fiction at its core, playing "make believe." I'd just like to encourage everyone to get involved at some fictional level, in run-ons, in personal writing, whatever. Even writing a "journal" as your character could be pretty enjoyable, and usable for many things. Start learning how to involve yourself in the fictional side of things here, and you may be surprised at how much you can do, how much you want to do, and how much ass you can kick. Gaming and socializing are important aspects of this Club, but the Dark Brotherhood is built upon a foundation of writing, as well.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Interesting...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> I was thinking about having an impromptu writing competition (speaking of writing...) that focuses around either a run-on, or keeping character journals, and chronicling a portion of Clan and/or personal history. My thoughts were this: Clans may want some more opportunities to earn fighters and such, as well as to compete on different levels. I was thinking about (for journals) awarding a fighter per person who submits a journal, or (for run-ons) judging the run-on as a piece, and awarding fighters based on length, interest, quality, number of participants, etc., which would affect which fighters Clans get. I'd love to see each Consul leave a reply here; also, this will help me to see how many Consuls and/or Proconsuls even read my reports. Maybe I'll start doing things like this more often, just to have an incentive for people to read my reports.

Every Clan whose Consul AND Proconsul reply to this with their honest feelings about such competition ideas will earn their Clans one squadron of TIE Interceptors. That means, if one or the other posts, nada, but if both post, that Clan gains a squadron of TIE Interceptors added to their total. All I'm looking for is for input as to whether you and your Clans would like some opportunities to win fighters through writing means. And please, remember, leave comments here. Clan members, feel free to provoke your Clan Summits into reading this, and taking me up on this offer. After all, sometimes you do have to provide encouragement to your Clan Summits, as well.

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<font color="#FFD700"> What's Happening...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Korras has been having a Battlefront II "tournament" to kick off the release of the game. Planning still proceeds on the Sith War, and again, that will start in either January or February of 2006. No set date has been picked yet, simply to allow for things, but please, make sure your Clans are preparing for this upcoming event. I can't think of anything else at this time, but hey. I am absent-minded sometimes.

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<font color="#FFD700"> Anything Else...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> My mind is drawing a blank right now, so I think I'll end the report there. :)

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<font color="#FFD700"> To Wrap it up...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Battlefront II; the game is out, so is my review. I went and watched Saw 2 on Friday, and that is a wicked mean, nasty movie, and I loved every minute of it. Definitely one of my top three favorite horror movies. Opportunities for Clans to gain fighters; go read my report. I also had a suggestion to add battle droids to the Tournament Points list, and I actually like that idea. I'm going to be toying with the idea, how much the costs and such, and I'll get with Korras and Jaysen on this for their thoughts, and we'll have that updated ASAP. A reminder, if you have ideas for things you want to see on the list, feel free to drop me a line. Not everything will be added, but all ideas are accepted and weighed.

Have a good week all. Remember to bug your Clan Summits to post here about the writing competition idea for fighters.

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I'm replying to your damned report... it sounds like a cool idea for Clans as long as it isn't hardcore Sith Orderly or anything :P I think the journal aspect could really enhance peoples (especially the younger/newer peoples) experience in the DB. It's a lot more fun working on a character ala an RPG and that's basically what we're doing in the DB. Without the fictional backstory, motives, etc your character lacks depth and gets pretty boring.

Also I don't have a PCON am I to be punished for that? :P

A fiction comp would be a cool idea especially the journals. Like you said not only would it allow a person to develop their own character but also help us show the day to day activites within a Clan. Run ons could possibly get fragmented unless there was a cap on a number of people who could join and that perhaps could lessen other people enjoyment of the run-on.
And as to one of your last points in the writing comp paragraph speaking for myself I'd love to be able to win fighters via writing and I'm sure people across the DB feel the same way as well. It's all well and good all the gamers bringing back the booty after a tournie but for those of us who don't game it might feel as if we're not contributing to the Clan. So yay writing for ships!!!! :D

The journals idea sounds quite nice. I often feel like fleshing my character's backstory out but when I come to do it end up thinking "What's the point? Nobody is going to see it or care" so don't bother, so it'd certainly be nice to try and obtain a richer image of what the Dark Brotherhood is - not just as an organisation but the people who make it up. Then again, I'd be saying a competition to break my skull open was nice too if it earned us more starfighters :P Having more personal character related competitions would be different for a change, I usually never like the writing topics in major or monthly competitions as they usually are so abstract, something a bit more personal would be good.

The basic idea of more Order of Battle related things incorporated into non-gaming activities is a good one too. Despite all the attempts at making people realise "THERE ARE NO ORDER PLATFORMS!" people still seem to perpetuate the idea that "Sith are pilots who play TIE!". More fiction related things in the Sith Order is nice... especially if conversely it encourages more gaming in the Krath Order etc.

Yeah possessions for writing is fine, but it shouldn't be limited to competitions DC people run. And i definitely agree with Goat on the Order platform issues - people still don't seem to get it. Maybe the KHP needs to run a gaming comp sometimes soon :o)

The competitions sound like interesting ideas. Journals are an excellent way of chronicling character development, and in the right hands can lead to some brilliant fictional work. A lot of pieces I plan and write chronicle some kind of development in whichever character I'm working on at the time. Run-ons are quite enjoyable when they work out, and its a good way to build a little community spirit and have some fun.

My only issue would be how "historic" things are - in my particular Clan, there aren't many old writers, though if you could pull off something like a time capsule (a snippet of present day stored for future generations to discover and learn from) that'd make things open to everyone and provide an interesting chance to build on certain aspects of themselves and their Clan.

I also like the idea of earning starfighters for writing competitions. It gives the writers the opportunity to contribute to the Clan in a way they usually cannot, which is (hopefully) something that everyone will jump at the chance to do. Instills pride, boosts Clan spirit, cleaning cleansing bubble power that sort of thing.

Well...I know I aint house/clan summit, but heck I had a very nice Idea for a Run On which NEVER , yes I dare to make the statement, NEVER happened before in the history of the Brotherhood. (as far as I can tell)

Its a run on which makes both writers and gamers happy. I have made a detailed describtion about it, here it is:

(Dont know if it comes as a link, if it doesnt just copy and paste it.)

I think its a very good idea, and maybe even for the Sith War...I wanted to do a 'Prototype' this months and the next, but due to a clan run on I was delayed in that.

Its just an Idea I came up with, and its directed to Circle Daemoni and Tarentum, so the plot is directed to it.

Hope you like it ;)

Valheru Ylith Romanae

The journal idea has merit. If I could propose a slight addition to it? The key here is to make the journal easy to write. The member shouldn't have to worry about keeping a .doc file somewhere where it can get lost, deleted, etc.. In fact, I was thinking of getting additional coding in place off the main DB site when you log in. This coding could just be an extra link in the admin page, taking you to a mini-blog area that is accessible for others to read from their profiles. Thus it keeps their stuff from being lost, it allows for others to read and "check up" on (From a Summit point of view to see if there is any activity on that front), and generally being a cool addition.

My two credits. =)

The Journal idea sounds great to me, I agree that it would be a good way to get members to flesh out their characters, and keep them evolving, while contributing to the fictional foundation of their Clan.
I am a big fan of run-ons, they are a great way to interact with fellow members while keeping your writing skills sharp, but have found them to be a bit unpredictable.
As for earnng fighters, we already have members working on projects involving our fleet, so I know I'm not the only one in CP that would welcome any opportunity to contribute to its strength.

I like the idea for Clans to earn the extra fighters, but without having to wait for the larger DB events. I would recommend mixing it up a bit- maybe do a journal style entry one time, then a run-on another time, and so on. I don't know how often you would do these, but even if you only do it twice a year, that's still more of an opportunity than before.

I like Timbal's idea about the site based journal for people, if that can be done with little pain.

I know a lot of people have brought the issue of character development up, but one thing that would make it really fun would to, maybe once in awhile, do a journal of a pilot during, say, the Clone Wars or something.


Yilith, this has been done, at least twice by myself in different set ups :o)

I am not so sure about the whole journal thingy, it wouldn't work for my own characters, but generally, if people what that, why not...

Proof positive that we all read your reports BF. I like the idea on its general merits, especially as Plagueis is more of a writing Clan than a gaming Clan anyway. This gives our members more opportunities to win fighters for the Clans without neccessarily having to win a large event.

On the idea of "blogs/journals/diairies/" I agree with Denath. I think that the best way for someone to keep a journal nowadays is to keep it online. I can imagine that we would see mroe people utilize it if it were on the DB site as something that they could link off their dossier rather than if we asked them to keep one separate.

All in all, I think it is a great start to something that could benefit us all.

Oh, I like Timbal's idea about a kind of "DB Character Blog" page. That's got a more interactive feel to it than just writing up some things in a .doc and would combine elements of whats actually going on, writing, and a kind of ACCish feel, but, without a second person :P If each weekend you had to fill in your journal entry kind of as an ongoing diary thing. Depends if we wanted it to be historic or more current events I guess.

I Love the idea, BF. A lot of clans (Naga Sadow was one of them), have a very strong writing platform, and could use the ships too....
Plus, encouraging some of those stodgy old gamers who hate on anything that resembles RP need to broaden their horizons a bit. So, yeah, I'm all on it. Let me know when it starts, and Goat and I will start flogging people to it.

Character blogging... love it. It'd be a good way to enhance the role-playing aspect of the Brotherhood.

As for run-ons dealing with Clan history... the trouble is that many people think they don't know enough about the history of their Clan to post in such a run-on. Whereas the character journals are individual projects... and people can't claim they don't know enough about their own character. :P

Basically, both are fairly good ideas... but I like the character journals more.

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