Sith High Warrior Report


Sith High Warrior Report



 [War is Coming...](#swic)  

 [To Defend the Clans...](#tdtc)  

 [Prepare Yourselves Now...](#ppyn)  

 [Your Future Awaits You...](#yfay)  

 [Anything Else...](#anyt)  

 [To Wrap It Up...](#twiu)  

<font color="#FFD700"> War is Coming...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> The Sith War is coming.

This is no secret, of course. I've been saying for quite some time now, that starting in either January or February of 2006, the Sith War will be released. I've had people ask me what the Sith War will be about. I've had people ask me what games the Sith War will utilize. I've had people ask me what they should do to prepare themselves for the Sith War. And the answer is, the War will be about having fun. The games you'll use will be whatever I can utilize effectively. And what you should do to prepare is, anything you can. The point is, I'm not going to "make it easy" on you. I'm not going to give you a road map and say, "Here, this is where you're going, and I've marked out every turn you need to take, how fast you need to go, when you'll have to stop for gas, and the best motels to sleep at." Part of the fun of any competition is discovery, and finding things out for yourselves.

Now, I have given hints, and will continue to do so. I mentioned before that Clans should brush up on Battlefront and Allegiance. I'll add Battlefront II to that, as well. Why? Not saying why, but I will tell you that much, that you may want to get things prepared for that. I also mentioned that Clans will have the option to gamble with their fleets. What do I mean? The capital ships that have been given to each Clan are more than just "additions for run-ons." They're things that can be utilized in fiction, yes, but they should be more. And at this point, I'm going to let you use them as gambling stakes, if you wish. You don't have to put them up as a wager against your placing, but if you do, you can win big, or lose worse. You can put any, all, or none of your ships up as a wager. The closer we get, I'll be letting you know how much each ship is worth in point values, or close enough to it. Please take note, though; the wagers you make will be affected by where you place within the War. Bet your ships and lose, you may just lose big. But this is a gamble, and sometimes, you have to take the big risks.

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<font color="#FFD700"> To Defend the Clans...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> In an effort to help defend the Clans, I am going to be commissioning additional ships and fighters for the Brotherhood. Each Clan will scout out a location to construct a garrison of troops and ships. Platforms will be built to assist these garrisons, and to act as support locations for both the garrison, and the Clan that accepts them. Blah blah, blah, blah blah. What this means to you is, I'm going to be commissioning some additional battlegroups, similar to the ADGs (Antei Defense Groups), which will be like additional Dark Council troops in the area, to help defend each system. They will be under the direct control of the Council, but will act as reserve units that the Clans may call upon in times of need, etc., etc., etc.

So, if people are getting sick of writing about the same old ships and such that the Clan has, and want new additions for fiction and such, this will help. I hope. So, what do I need from each Clan then? Well, fictionally, it will be your responsibility to pick a suitable location to house these garrisons. Find a place to house the troops and build the platforms. Each of these platforms will act as an accessory "headquarters" for the garrison, service the ships, etc., but because of "use agreements" and whatever other fictional stuff would come into play, the platforms would also be for Clan use, to service your ships, etc., et.c, blah blah, blah, whatever you want to say.

The suggestion for this was brought up by Xanos, and I asked him to come up with some suggestions for these garrison battlegroups, but I'm more than willing to take suggestions from anyone. No, it won't be, "We want an ISD and bajillions of stormtroopers!!! Please!!1!" If you have a serious suggestion, feel free to send it to me via email.

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<font color="#FFD700"> Prepare Yourselves Now...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> So. With the Sith War coming, and the Taldryan Invitational, and Khobai's Allegiance Tournaments, and Telona's monthly topics, and the ability to have Clan run-ons, and the gaming nights, and the ICTE... you get the point. Anyhoo, why are you wasting time? There's a lot to do, so much available to help prepare yourselves, not only for the Sith War, but for anything. Jac announced a while back, that the next plotline/background/outline/whatever for the Great Jedi War was chosen, which means things are in the making for that at some point after the Sith War, too. You can prepare yourselves, and your Houses, and your Clans for these things. Prepare for the Sith War; that can act as a good prep-tool for the next Great Jedi War. Prepare for the next gaming night, and trying to grab some points for more additions. I've said it before, that I'm going to be adding battledroids to the Tournament Items list, and likely other things, as well. I've also said, that list is open to member suggestions. I may not take every suggestion, but I would like to hear your desires, and what you might like to see on it. Send me ideas! :)

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<font color="#FFD700"> Your Future Awaits You...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Sounds pretty obvious, right? It's the truth, though. The Brotherhood is what we make of it. Your future within the Brotherhood awaits you, and all you need to do is reach out and grab it. Get off your can, and do something to grab a hold of it, and make it what you will. Joining the Brotherhood is an initial step, but it's not the only one. Doing the Shadow Academy is a helpful path, but it's not the only one. You can't expect to go from Apprentice to Dark Jedi Knight without work, and effort, and consistant participation, and a good attitude. There's things that must be done, and one of them is, you have to be a part of the Brotherhood. "Well, I have my dossier; I am a part of it!" There's a difference between being on the rolls, and being a part of it. Get to know your Clan. Email people, and get involved in things. Leaders should be doing everything they can to make you a part, and to open opportunities for you, but it still requires you to put forth effort and excitement.

Be a part of your Clan, be a part of the Brotherhood, and be something greater than what you are now. Have some fun, enjoy your time here with us, and let's make this Club something we can all be proud of. I know that I enjoy what I do, but it's all in an effort to make this something you can enjoy, too. It works in every other way, too, event starting with you. Get up and do something to make this Club be the place you want it to be. Reach out and grab your lightsaber. Step up and walk the path towards being a Master.

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<font color="#FFD700"> Anything Else...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> Just as a reminder, Allegiance is a free (that's right, FREE) game, downloadable off the net. To download it, go to and sign up for an account (you have to have an account). Then, download the game, install it, and you'll be able to play. Hopefully. Some people have problems, but we have enough players, and enough technical minds out there, that someone should be able to help you figure problems out. If you're looking for a game of Allegiance, or some help figuring it out, or anything else, there's the Allegiance forums, the public servers, #gmrg (our channel for the Guard) where people play the matches for gaming nights, all that. There's something for everyone.

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<font color="#FFD700"> To Wrap it up...</font>> <font color="#FFFAFA"> The Sith War is coming; keep your eyes peeled for hints, and work on getting yourselves, and your Clans prepared. The Great Jedi War is coming at some point, too, so be prepared for whatever comes your way. DC Garrisons; "Oh no, the DB is going to be putting a garrison in our system!" They're sort of intended to be DC troops to help defend the system, a fictional reason/option for the DC to "keep the peace," but also to provide reserve assistance for Clans who need it, and to help add new troops and ships to your fiction, run-ons, etc. Just make sure to create the garrison world/place for the platform. The future awaits you; reach out and grab hold of it, and make it what you will. It's your future, and this Club is ours, which means part of it is yours. Make it something good.

Remember where to find Allegiance; I posted a link for you, if you need it (look up in the previous section). Allegiance actually is a cool game, it has a lot of potential, and Korras is giving away free kisses to the people who play each week. All you need to do is go play, and then tell Korras to pucker up.

In any event, Thanksgiving is coming, and I'll be working on OoB updates (as necessary), the Sith site (yep, I haven't forgotten it), and whatever else; which includes the Sith CORE, too. I've had input on that from people, and good question ideas, and soon, you should be able to see what I have for that, and be able to take a gander at it, provide feedback, take the course and pass it (Malik will probably fail it, though), and all that goodness. So, for Clans needing OoB updates, send those in, I'll have more than enough time for those this week. Malik, study up, or we're kicking you out of the Sith Order.

Have a good week, everyone.

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<font color="#EE0000"> Dark Jedi Master Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae</font> <font color="#FFFAFA">

The Ghost Dragon

Sith High Warrior

Bearer of the infinite Kick assness

Wielder of the holy keg of f**k you </font>

It's nice that Allegiance is free and all, but unfortunately, many people cannot utilize it thanks to the router problems. I think it is somewhat unfair to use this game in larger compatitions a lot as there is quite some imbalance in the Clans there.

It is no more unfair then someone who can't play BF2 because their graphics card or memory can't support the game. However we can't simply not play something because some people can't use the game, as that is unfair to the people that can play the game.

If the Sith War was going to be only Allegiance you would have an argument, but BF, BF2, JA, JO ect will all be in play as well not to mention writing and god knows what else BF will think of.

If someone can play a game all the better, if not there will still be plenty of other aspects of the War in which they can take part. Our list of supported games is already rather short, if we further limited to only games everyone can play we quickly find ourselves without a list.

Allegiance is a free game therefore it can be used by everyone. I had troubles with it but after a few days of trying to get it to work I got it. Its more unfair that some people cant play games like BF2 because it costs way more money to buy a new graphics card, then it is unfair to use allegiance in big tournaments.

Hurray for SHW reports!

I do question whether I am just on the rolls or am part of the DB...

Yes, some people cannot use Allegiance. Some people have no money for Battlefront and/or Battlefront II. Some people only like to play JO; some will only play JA. Some people would prefer to use XvT or XWA instead of Allegiance because they're "actually Star Wars." There is no way to please everyone, nor would I try. For those Clans that have no people to play Allegiance, or have very few people, I would suggest that they either 1) look for ways to solve their router problems, or 2) look to do more gaming with the other games.

It doesn't make it "unfair" to use a game that some people can't use; it just makes it imbalanced. And unfortunately, any competition is imblanced for one reason or another. But, the good news is, imbalanced competitions can still be fun. Need an example? Look at the most recent major competition, the ORoS put on by Korras. It became a Taldryan slaughter. As far as I know, though, everyone who played in it had fun.

No competition will ever be straight across the board, fair, and a complete "neck and neck" race. That's just the way it is. Allegiance is going to be a part of the Sith War, and it'll likely have some importance to it, too.

Well, Allegiance is the only game I have, the reason being: it's free.
It didnt work at first, but some fiddling with my router and BOOM! it worked. So if I can fix it, then other people can too. The game is great, and even though I suck, I relish the fact that I am able to play the game and be able to compete in these huge competitions and not be limited by my lack of games.

yeah allegiance is great like that, its the only game some people play and because of it many people are not limited by just writing.

"It is no more unfair then someone who can't play BF2 because their graphics card or memory can't support the game. However we can't simply not play something because some people can't use the game, as that is unfair to the people that can play the game."



(a.k.a. having a nVidia 7800 which BF2 doesnt support as its "too new").

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