Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Dark Greetings Gladius,

It always nice to see so many emails passing through my inbox, even if it is not the most I’ve ever seen :P. Keep up the good work guys and get ready to kick ass in the Sith War and Great Jedi War. Some of the more observant of you may notice this is half as long as it usually is, because I don’t want to make our friendly RM redundant ;).


CP, looking for leaders… still.

As was House Oriens Obscurum.

The DGM has two competitions running (DO THEM!)

There was a GMRG competition reminder.

Taldryan Invitational First Round was announced.

More Star Wars news from Zekk :P

ICTE Results were released, we were tops for participation.

GMRG Recruitment Cycle is running.

Langis died (RIP from all of us.)

For more, check the DJB News page.

The Gladius Website

We now have a team of three working on the Gladius Website, thanks to Dragnos, Ylith and Artemis for volunteer, watch this space for updates!


In Darkness,

Dark Jedi Knight Windos Bruth'Kothae (3690)

Aedile of House Gladius of Clan Tarentum

Magistrate to the Head Master

Apprentice to Obelisk Prelate Zekk

Loyal member of House Gladius of Tarentum

Devoted instrument of the Krath High Priestess

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