Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

RevengeX jumped to the next boulder using the Force to augment his jump. Leaping up into the air and executing a front flip, the Priest landed on the next one. Revenge looked up and saw that he was almost at the top of the treacherous mountain. Willing himself not to look down, the Krath leapt again onto another boulder higher up. Using all his strength, RevengeX jumped again to the top and looked around him. The other mountains were mere anthills now and the oasis further out was no more than a speck in the horizon. Sitting down, the Priest pulled out a piece of paper and pen and began to write...

Brotherhood News:

All of the Brotherhood's mailing lists were updated. Also remember to check out the Winter-een-mas competition that is being run by Zekk. Shin'ichi created new layout graphics for the site. Be sure to look at that. Venquis is thinking of creating a Freeworlds Guild, check out the forum thread here:

The Taldryan Invitational's First Round will end this Tuesday! Figure out who your opponents are and report your scores to Jaysen and Duga. Halc is the new Arcona Consul. Be sure to congratulate him on IRC.

Clan News:

Warhunter has resigned as the Quaestor of House Caliburnus due to real life problems. Remember, no one is accepting applications for that position right now.

House News:

There's nothing too new out, but you can go check out Impetus' report on the medals and promotions list.


ACO Alianaras from the Rogues (welcome!)

Master - Student Listing:

Arania - Ood

Mune - Laurus

Vail - Terrarus

Kschamehellan - Impetus

If you are a Dark Jedi at the rank of Protector or higher and are without a master, please contact me and/or Xen and/or Xan and/or the House and Clan Summits. You may also want to look around for prospective masters on IRC.


11 Dark Jedi Master Arania Lawakiro Palpatine

1540 Dark Side Adept Vail Aquillarum Unteminar

235 Pontifex Saitou

3153 Pontifex Cuchulain

288 Archpriest Rhaub D'ar Aghasett Palpatine

297 Archpriest al`Lan Mandragoran

3412 Archpriest Kschamehellan

3607 Archpriest Mune Metsukai Isradia

1845 Priest Exodius

3491 Priest RevengeX

3879 Priest Issard Jokaat

4045 Dark Jedi Knight RADEK

4438 Dark Jedi Knight Uzbad Zol Tamalar

5951 Jedi Hunter Impetus

3317 Guardian Ood Bnar

5540 Guardian Cornix

6041 Guardian Laurus

6359 Protector Terrarus D'Koro

6705 Protector Cethgus

6975 Protector Zxypher

4127 Acolyte Simanus

5206 Acolyte xybre

6650 Acolyte Boba nil

6747 Acolyte onewa

7171 Acolyte Alianaras

6413 Novice Dirus

6708 Novice Jake Narron

7118 Novice Rector

7036 Apprentice negtiveside5

7073 Apprentice Neth

7110 Apprentice ShadowSamurai

7139 Apprentice keltan

7164 Apprentice Xanatos


Mission Impossible 2 B

This competition is for the extension of Mission Impossible 2.

No other competitions... any ideas anybody? Discuss them with the House and/or Clan Summit!

Random Stuff:

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is pretty sweet...

Have a great week everyone!


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