Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Once again it's time for another wonderful House Report. It's been a pretty quiet week so this shouldn't be too long.


APP Veermok: SA to Ektrosis

APP Iarrion kenobi: SA to Ektrosis


PRT Menace: CFx1


None this week

SA Passings:

PRT Menace: Test of Wisdom

I didn't list this in the medals section because I wanted to make sure it was noticed. On Febuary 10th Krath Epis Dark Sabre Taldrya was awarded an Amethyst Kukri. Here is the text of the recommendation, as submitted by Combat Master Dalthid:

One of the longest standing and most skilled staff members, Dark Sabre is

among the few who have navigated through all aspects of the ACC and it's

staff. Hired by Cyris over two years ago, his dedication to the Centre was

clear as he dove headlong into duties as a Judge. An unquestionable ethic

and honesty with combatants led to his selection as an Operator under

Combat Master Alaric. Standing out with both tenure and ability, DS was

then selected as a Senior Operator by the current CM until structural

changes dissolved the position. Staff members have come and gone, but DS

is still there, offering his help and critiques to well over 200 battles.

This one aspect of the Brotherhood is perhaps his greatest work, despite

his time in other leadership roles, because it is devoid of alignment,

save it's alignment to the Brotherhood as a whole. As a combatant, he is

equally skilled and perhaps one of the best in the ACC. Winning the first

Pilot's Championship Ladder, DS was awarded the title of "Ace". Though

they are 'personal' gains and skills and can't really be seen as merits

for this award by most - I'd be happy to argue the point. Countless new

combatants have patterned themselves after the Epis in both style and

imagination, seeming to have found their idol. Influence, positive

influence, is a trait we often overlook from those in leadership positions

when considering them for awards, but in this case, it's undeniable. I

won't attempt to dazzle this recommendation with numbers, two years is a

lot of information to sift through. Suffice it to say; at his lowest point

of activity, DS's judgments went unquestioned. They were honest,

forthright and crystal clear - at his best, his ethics were no different.

Over the course of his time, he is responsible for the Judgment of

hundreds of battles and the training of many initiates despite not ever

having filled the position of a Trainer. He gets around, but he does so

because his rapport with the staff allows him to. There will be a day, I'm

sure, when we will see DS leave the ACC staff - when that is? Who knows.

Rest assured, he will leave knowing he has left his mark on the ACC as one

of the longest standing, honorable and knowledgeable staff members that we

have had. Until then though, I'd like to extend a "thank you", on behalf

of four Combat Masters, to Dark Sabre Taldrya for his extended service and

dedication to the Brotherhood and the ACC.

Congarads DS!

Also, because of my school blocking IRC I listed an AIM screen name on my profile that can be used in addition to email to contact me. It is myfellowman666. Feel free to add and IM me.

That's it for this week, remember to email Chaos and myself if you have any questions/problems that you think need answers to.

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